Mother of the Year

July 21, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, should you? Look at the mother of the year in Roseville. The one & only her**n addict mother of three. Three baby daddy’s. first kid wants nothing to do with her and lives with the dad. Second kid lives with her brother and father is in prison.the third has alcohol fetus syndrome and she had in rehab and tried to trap the father. Thank god for the grand parents. She has OD’d numerous times and screws her drug dealer.. Who does her**n? White trash ? She is in her 30′s. no college education and lays on her back for a living. In this pic I got. She is wearing stolen bathing suis and has bruises from her drug dealer who beat her. One piece of work and the biggest shit talker. She has H** C from shooting up so wear condoms. Her files are public record. Look at all the 911 calls. Nik would you bang a woman that is lower than crawling under an ant?

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Turkish Serkan Cildir

July 18, 2014 Hayward, San Jose 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Serkan Cildir from Safelite Hayward, CA. He proposed to me in a few months, got his papers citizenship and divorced me in less than 2 years. He used Isabel as his friends put it to get a divorce from me. He brought Isabel and cheated with her under my roof to see that. So he divorced me, but I didnt deport him. At the same time he was facebooking Marjorie for marriage while being married to me. He lies, cheats, receives pics from, watches porn everyday and erotic movies. He wants to find out what you have on your bank accounts, if you earn good money and if you can buy him stuff after he lures you in. He is a user, abuser, will call you a bitch and makes you do other stuff… He has girlfriends in Turkey but wants to use us here in the US.

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The Real Miss Hazel

July 17, 2014 San Jose 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Hazel has gray and white hair. She is fake AF. The most disgusting cheap saline implants that she never cares for. Immediately after she got them she was braless. They are rippling too. She never posts herself without makeup. I was at the YMCA and I heard a manly voice. It was Hazel and of course, like the trashy hooker she is, she was flirting with an ugly fat guy working there. Chot No. 1 hires old bitches with gray hair and saggy rippled implants.

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Carissa Leone

July 9, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Carissa Leone, if you don’t know her – consider yourself lucky. She’s one of those people that can’t seem to get out of the high school lifestyle – she rips off her”friends” and blames everything that goes wrong in her life on whoever is closest to her. She ran away from home and her parents didn’t even care. Her boyfriend Matt is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met and he knew what he was getting into when he met her. They’ve been together a little over a year and she’s cheated on him twice with two different guys, one of which is up on this site also – perfect match right? This girl seriously needs help, but she’ll never get it because her heads to far up everyone’s ass around her for her to work on herself. She brings others down so she can feel good about herself, and when she doesn’t get what she wants from you she shuts you out of her life I know from first hand experience. If you ever meet her don’t let her manipulative ways get into your head because she will turn on you the second you do or say something she doesn’t like. But hey, isn’t that how everyone in Reno is nowadays? So what do you think Nik?

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L-Leilanni- the Coyote Ugly stalker

July 7, 2014 San Jose 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skum of the earth is a thief and a stalker. She’s the type to get you in trouble at your job for no reason. And when you get a new job she shows up and does the exact same thing. She’s on medication. But works at the Coyote Ugly Saloon downtown. She’s a thief. You think you know but you have no idea. I remember one time she walked in my job with 5 guys feeling up all on her body. Making out with all of them. Yeah it was hot but damn girl foreal don’t throw it all out there. STALKER. THIEF. Hates her life because she don\’t make shit at the saloon. Shake your booty for what? Dollars? But of course you would. You bad breath cum dump.

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Mr Casa White Himself

July 3, 2014 San Jose 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mr Rich Indian.. has a girlfriend but takes lots of girls out. He owns hotels in Hayward so ladies if he hits you with the “Ill rent a room for us” dont worry he owns the place so its free. (Free.99) for all the thumb size downstairs action you get. Youll be lucky to get a handfull when you do the dirt ladies. He has money for you to spend probably to counter the little feet he is rockin (First HINT). Just be careful he is a great con artist and he is very professional. Date him for the money cause thats all you be gettin. The entire bay needs to be aware of his itty bitty short short self.

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Brandi is Like Megan Fox

July 3, 2014 San Jose 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s from Oceanside. Been hated on before because she’s funny and original but most of all HOT. Suck it jealous peeps, her 311 tattoo is bang in’ and she’s got a kickass ’96 Jetta Trek that will blow all your lame rides away!

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Isabella Rivera Is So Thirsty

June 27, 2014 San Jose, The Dirty 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Isabella Rivera said posing nude was tacky and classless, yet she sends photographers images of herself with her butt hanging out. Not only that, now it seems she is posing naked for free. She was making fun of girls who do these things and look who’s at it…Not only will you be the first “Dr.” in your family (who can’t f*cking spell), but you’re not going to be the first/to humiliate them. She thought she was on a high horse and now the things she mocked others for are the things she’s doing. I bet this was a free nude shoot. Whatever, you aren’t going anywhere with your modeling. Some people know when to stop making a fool, but you don’t. You’re removing your clothes and doing everything you said you wouldn’t. What a hypocrite.

Isabella you forget the filter.- nik

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