Katie Raml And Augie Ojeda Are Expecting Again

April 16, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Scottsdale, The Dirty 0 81,112 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, word is that Augie Ojeda is expecting another baby with Katie Raml… I can’t believe how dumb of a woman she is too stick around with this cheater.  Either she is ok with it, or she is dumb enough to buy his BS.

True love.- nik


Karma Got Katie Raml

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Con Artist Christopher Wheeler

April 14, 2014 Dirty Business, Scottsdale 5 8,740 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like the world to know about this business owner christopher wheeler who owns commercial business Solutions which is a web development company in Phoenix Arizona. Christopher wheeler likes to not pay his employees. He has caused several employees to lose their homes their phones their vehicles and completely devastated them financially. Christopher wheeler also liKes to sign up new clients and take Thousands of dollars from them and promise work that never gets completed. He has lost dozens of clients due to his lack of work effort. He continuously claims personal emergency is anytime of client asked for an update on their projects. Christopher is the epitome of scumbag Bosses. Christopher wheeler is also hiring employees and claiming they are independent contractors to avoid paying taxes while committing tax fraud. Christopher wheeler also likes to hide webcams throughout the office recording the female employees. This man is completely disgusting and people need to be aware of his actions and avoid ever doing business with christopher wheeler of commercial business solutions in Phoenix Arizona. WWW.commercialbusinesssoluti****.

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Dana White Loves His Scottsdale Girls

April 14, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 141 99,799 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is just a pic of Dana White enjoying a terrible club in Scottsdale, if you can even call it a club.  I feel like all of Scottsdale is now the Jersey Shore reborn. But anyway, isn’t Dana White married?  Now, he isn’t really doing anything wrong, per say, but I see bad intentions in those eyes of his.

Not even +2′s can save the Asian on the left. Right Dana.- nik

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Tatted Bombshell Cathrine Driggers

April 14, 2014 Phoenix, Scottsdale 0 9,375 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this cathrine o driggers she a known tatted bombshell this dirty skank has got 4 kids and doesnt take care of any of them , when she is not slumming it up at a know hang out ” chilli bombers” she is whoring it up at other bars , she doesnt take care of any of her kids most of her paycheck is spent at partys ….. She thinks this is modling even though she is nit getting paid ….. Please put this girl on the dirty because she deserves nothing but shit for this ….

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Psychotic Liar, Zach Price

April 14, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 6 9,453 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik, there are so many things that i can say about this BOY. Zach Price is a conniving, heartless thieving, psychopath. I currently have a restraining order against him for threatening me and my family, also for stalking me and knowing where i was all the time, knowing when my car was or wasn’t home, because he’d be outside in the middle of the night to see if i was home or not. I would never feel safe with him around. And i always made the mistake to sleep at his place and weeks after certain nights i would come to find out that my debit card had been charged for ridiculous things. He would even get up n the middle of the night to look through all my things and my cell phone to find God knows what, to use as an excuse to yell at me the next day. One year i went to Mexico with my family and his own Mother called me and let me know that he had been having a girl over, staying the night. This guy was literally a nightmare and he has been in and out of fines, probation, and jail ever since i got the restraining order. LADIES!!! they work! do not be afraid to get one! Don’t say i didn’t warn you…

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I Wish I Did Not Go To Coachella

April 14, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 327 97,786 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have the biggest crush on a co-worker of mine.  The girl is not only beautiful but she is so intelligent and such a good worker.  We always flirt but have not seen each other outside the work place, so last Thursday when she invited me to Coachella I had no choice but to say yes.  I hate the music and the drugs that comes with it, but I really wanted to bang her.  Anyway, we get there Thursday night and start camping out.  I didn’t want to make things awkward, so I told myself I would let her make the first move.  So we wake up Friday and literally she pops a molly into my mouth before I could even brush my teeth.  The whole day was spent watching small time groups that made some really sh*tty music, all in all, took 3 mollies, did 2 8 balls of some coke and who knows how much weed we smoked.  Still, she made no move but I did watch her make out with 4 random dudes throughout the day.  Saturday we wake up and the same old thing happens, drugs but this time the music was a lot better since all the big names were in.  Long story short we still don’t hook up, so Sunday I was so mollied up with about zero brain cells left during Calvin Harris here and I finally start going at it, we are making out and she starts sucking my Greg right in the middle of the crowd, we rush back to our tent and just start going at it. Followed by the nastiest smell ever 2 minutes later.  Both of us hadn’t showered in days so the smell was the worst thing ever, 10 minutes into it, we both had to stop and get out the tent because it smelt like deadfish mixed in with some Tapatio.  It was without a doubt the worst experience I have had, I can still smell it right now as I’m typing this.  I don’t get why people go to Coachella, it was the dumbest thing I have ever done, it was dirty and filled with nothing but f*cking losers with no life or future.

Did you know that Coachella has the highest rate of transexuals in attendance. Higher than any other festival on the planet. Intoxication levels are so enhanced in the desert that people have tent sex without checking body parts.- nik

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Your Thoughts On Wax

April 11, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty 84 102,769 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all the potheads out there have stopped smoking weed and started smoking Wax.  I’m pretty your staff members probably smokes it, so you are no stranger to it.  Wax is 5 to 6 times as potent than a regular hit of weed, so that is why everyone is smoking it.  Its just a better and cleaner high.  How do you feel about this new way for potheads to get high?

I’m not experienced in the wax game. But I do like scented candles.- nik

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Carmella Fierra

April 8, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Scottsdale 2 8,952 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I guess she has amnesia now.. Carmella Fierra… This female who used to be a stripper, prostitute. (She actually got arrested for it).. Now she’s a Busniess lady.. Lord have mercy, on us.. She’s running a “agency for models”. Go figuere, the reality of it… She’s not a good mother, left her two girls with her ex, to raise them.. So she can be out there with no worry in her head.. Now she’s married to some Rapper, never heard of him before.. Who cares.. In the low she still doing her dirt, she has no morals doesn’t know the definition of loyalty, but some how that’s all she talks about.. The irony.. Talk about trash trailer, no education no car or money in the bank. But she will claim she’s the baddest of all.. That’s fine, we don’t care. We actually find it funny and clever.. We will sit here and wait for response saying ” we hatting on her and all kinds of nonsense.” Whatever.. Tip… We post this just because we can really stop laughing at you and your sorry life… Yes Carmella you made it.. Congrats !! And when you get some kind of real degree.. Post it here at the dirty. Loose some weight please or have your hubby pay for some surgeries… Since y’all balling. Simple basic HO! So nik would you?

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