Beware Serial Cheater

July 17, 2014 Seattle 0 5,910 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have a great specimen of what you would consider and call a home-wrecker. Her name is Ashlee Smith and be forewarned, she will wreck your life. Not only is she in the habit of sleeping with married men she also enjoys giving the gift that keeps on giving called Herpes. Her new married fling also enjoys raping other women. Her MO is to befriend both the husband and wife of married couples having issues. She will then start to twist the male by giving a sob story, which mainly consists of using her kids. Upon which she will then start convincing the target that he is unhappy and would be happier with her. If this does not work she will go full stalker mode and consistently call or peep in on the male. These could range from 10-42 times in one day on calls and will peep in late at night. She has done this at least 3-4 times that I am aware of. As soon as she has the male under her thumb she will then work on destroying the wife’s life by turning entire units against each other by flaunting her feminine traits aka “spreading her legs”. Be forewarned if you get caught in this witches web, she will give you a bite of drd. All you would need to know is confirm with her friends or 2 ex-husbands. I am just wanting to forewarn everyone in JBLM and the greater Tacoma area to beware. She will not only destroy your love life but also add insult to injury and give you Herpes. If anybody has slept with her I suggest you get tested ASAP. You have been warned.

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Gil Token

July 16, 2014 Seattle 0 7,192 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is “Gil Token He likes to offer underage girls tickets to raves then invite them too his house so he can drug/ rape them and take pictures of the incident and post them to sites like tumblr ,  This is the link too his page where he is stalking a girl named Ollie after raping her, he spreads diseases and creeps around 16 and up raves even though he’s 30! Definitley need too watch out for his dirty ass while in Tacoma or Seattle ladies!!

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Alley Rat

July 15, 2014 Seattle 2 6,642 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow where do I even start with this bitch. She’s a washed up sewer rat looking girl from Olympia, she will come to a new town and fck every girl and guy she can find and then she will try to get a guy to date him and 99% if the time they won’t and she will obsess over them and follow them around stalking them. She’s 23 years old with no job no education no car no place NOTHING she gets checks from her dead dad every month of 900 and lives off that with no ambition to do anything with her life. She thinks she can sing and rap but really she just fcks rappers so they will let her perform in their show. She thinks it’s cool to be a street kid so she lives on the streets for “fun” and spangles and goes around bumming beer and ciggs from every own. Everyone hates her and thinks she’s annoying and tells her that yet she still finds the need to call everyone her brother and sister knowing they hate her. She dates peoples husbands and home wrecks any chance she can get and will tell a guy after a week of dating that she’s pregnant with his kid and loves him. She’s fcking insane and nasty she has no tits no ass and loose pussy that she’s got 40oz bottle shoved up and a nasty ass face on top of it, and she really needs to learn how to start doing her hair and makeup, she’s a pathetic excuse for a woman and a person. Grow up you nasty ass sewer rat looking ass bitch.

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Has been Pedophile

July 8, 2014 Seattle 4 9,519 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t let this creepy man film your next event. He films underaged girls without their knowledge and jerks off to it late at night. Be careful who you book for your next commercial, he could secretly film you too!!!! He’s been doing it for years. The scumbag is finally being exposed. He’s a disgrace to the human race.

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Girls Need To Stop Wearing So Much Makeup Like Tara Bobgreg Did

July 6, 2014 Seattle, Tara Bobgreg, The Dirty 37 100,345 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I never thought Tara was hot for one second when she use to get posted all the time, but a few weeks back when someone sent in a post about her currently look my jaw dropped.  She looks like 1000000 times better without makeup and strangely, looks so much younger.

Without her +2′s she is nobody in this world.- nik

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Obese creeper Boy

June 26, 2014 Seattle 11 6,089 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, love your site! This obese piece of shit thinks he’s so hot and Seattle is pretty small (club wise) so I run into him sometimes. He starts off by buying other fat girls drinks but at the end of the night when he realizes that he just spent his last dollar on some ratchet, he goes crazy. He stands outside the club like a loser that he is and starts screaming and crying. On top of it, he smells like ass. He’s so fat that he can’t walk a block without sweating profusely. I was walking to my car one night when he thought he could pull some dumb shit with me. WRONG. And he also wont stop harassing me and other random girls on facebook. Every couple months he makes a new account to message the girls who have blocked him on his old account. He doesnt really speak english so he types it in punjabi, since we’re all indian (the dot not the feather). LADIES BEWARE OF THIS OBESE BOY!!

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Rick Casas and Stephanie Lam

June 26, 2014 Seattle, Tacoma 2 7,233 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: In case you haven’t known, you may be one of the 100th victims of being perpetually lied to from the this slick Ricky Casas. If you haven’t been aware, he’s married ladies. Also in the army. Thought you had your chance in the military life well, supposedly this chick that doesnt know that while secretly filing a divorce to the current spouse he invited a young lady to pose as a potential new wife. Mind you, that lady never showed up but her sister did. ANYWAYS, the current 18 year old Stephanie Lam didn’t know he’s been bumping uglies with every woman in Tacoma yet not even a day of sleeping with said potential wife’s sister, Steph shows up only to fill the lonely void in her mind to be comforted by mister Casas. While having a boyfriend. Also she slept with his friends. And her sister slept with Casas. But everything’s all dandy fine apparently? Boyfriend wants to beat Casas ass yet they all continue to live within a cycle of cheating and sleeping with whatever moves. Therefore i just wanted the ones who know Casas and Stephanie Lam that yes, they are cheating on you and yes you need to get your genitals checked.

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Kaitlyn Louthan

June 20, 2014 Seattle, Vancouver-WA 4 7,557 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kaitlyn Louthan is a slutty juggalo twat. She is a fat coke whore who will sleep with anyone she can get her slimey hands on. This bitch is almost always partying. Smoking weed, drinking, doing coke, x, yet again, whatever she can get her slimey hands on. Her family and her post on FB about her court dates like it’s something to be proud of. She also has a community service selfie! Classy, right? They are hicks who just sit around getting fcked up all day. Nothing but druggies. And this ugly bitch truly looks like a Cousin It product of incest, pics don’t even do it justice. She just sucks dick (which I hear she’s terrible at) and snorts lines all day. So pathetic.

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