Spoiled Brat of Bliss Events

April 17, 2014 St. Louis 0 8,623 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick and tired of this stupid slut running around the St. Louis area thinking she is all that. This is Kasey Lucas, and she ain’t shit. Her husband is a drug dealer, that’s how she affords all of her purses and clothes. She is supposedly an event planner (Bliss Events is her company) but all the shit I’ve seen her do is whack. Ooooh you can go to Hobby Lobby and make banners..big whoop. Not only is she a complete joke, but she looks like a freaking horse. SERIOUSLY. A face only a mother can love. She spends all day, every day trolling instagram and facebook posting dumb pictures of her ugly dog and stupid banners. This girl was a slut in high school she fcked the entire football team. Tired of her running around like little miss goodie two shoes while her husband deals heroin and she spreads her legs down the block. The rest of her life is a lie and a coverup. Nik, put this dirty horse on blast..let her know she ain’t about SHIT.

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This is Brittney

April 16, 2014 St. Louis 3 8,705 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thus is st louis finest not she a fat dirty nasty skank who will sleep with anyone . She dirty cause she will sleep with her best friends men behind there backs and married men . She loves to pull them in with her quik trip allowance she earns . A feed them with sandwich from there . This bitch is disturbing in so Many ways she will stock these poor men to sleep with her and she lives on the bottle drunk almost 24/7 go home with whom ever when ever . She thinks she the hottest and by far is not my dog look better then her she deserves the dirty

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Dirty Little Girl

April 16, 2014 St. Louis 3 9,885 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittney Allen. Quite possibly the most annoying person you will ever meet. I had the displeasure of working with this sloot as well as going to school with her. She is drunk almost every night and drives around while drunk as well. She smokes pot every day and lost a job because she couldn’t pass a drug test. She had an abortion a few years back…probably a good thing because this thing should never, ever reproduce. She has a boyfriend now but everyone knows she is the biggest sloot and will fuck anything that walks, she’s proud of her sex life, that’s for sure. She once let guys run a train on her at a party while she was so fucked up, and let it happen out in front of everyone. She’s a huge bitch to anyone that doesn’t like her (which is pretty much the entire St. Louis population) She is fat (she thinks she’s all skinny but no, she’s still a porker and needs to lose about 50-60 more lbs) She posts pictures of herself eating 3 McDouble cheeseburgers at McDonalds, I mean, can we say fatass loser? And don’t even get me started on her “selfies”. She once tried to get with another girls boyfriend at a party, and ended up getting her ass whooped in front of everyone on the front lawn. Nik, please put this dirty skank on blast, she sure as hell ain’t sh*t like she thinks she is and needs to just leave STL already, nobody wants her here. Although I heard she came back up here from Wichita cause her ex boyfriend left her and everyone hates her down there as well.

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Drew McMahon, Small Greg Psycho

April 16, 2014 St. Louis 6 6,921 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware ladies, this creep, Drew McMahon is a stalking psycho! I’m friends with a girl that talked to him for less then a month a couple years ago and he won’t leave her alone. He’s constantly harassing her online all bc he is butthurt that she decided to talk to someone else instead of him and still keeps pics of her that he probly pathetically jacks off to. She is not on facebook to try and hide from the creeper bc still years later he googles her name to find any info on her. He is on POF and is no doubt going to be some poor girls mistake. What’s hilarious is she told me he has a tiny dick, like 4.5-5in long lol. No wonder she decided to date someone else! Guess that’s why he likes lifted trucks and jeeps, to make up for what he is lacking below the waste. Anwyays, this guy deserves to be on the dirty Nik. I mean what kind of girl would want to be with a small dicked stalking psycho. All the girls in STL need to know about this scumbag

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Salvador Manslo

April 15, 2014 Springfield, St. Louis 3 6,160 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty ass nigga is hella fake! he has sex with different girls every hour hes the biggest ho. he gets his females by doing tattoos but his work ant shit “dont go to him for tats. he mit have stds cause he will fuck everyone n everything he stinks like B.O just dont fuck with him hes a asshole n once he gets in yo pants hes done with you! His name is Salvador anaya!

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Jessica Edmundson

April 9, 2014 St. Louis 5 9,121 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NiK. This girl was my friend for 3 years. I was always there for her when she needed someone to talk to about her current husband Adam. I always liked Adam but felt sorry for him since all jessica ever seemed to do is sleep around on him. Its sad because he seems to either not believe when people try to tell him what she is doing while he is working at the firehouse. I remember one time when adam was out of town she invited another man to stay in a hotel room with her! She even helped fly him down just so she could have her one night stand. I dont think adam ever found out but I knew it was time to stop lying for someone to hold their marriage together while she constantly cheats. I never understood why he didnt check her phone. Lord knows what he would find if he did. Its sad that the first guys who is good to her she has to deceive. Maybe if he sees this he will atleast keep his eye open.

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Manslore Brian Butteiger

April 9, 2014 St. Louis 22 7,132 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Brian Butteiger. He is a toothless slime ball spreading his sperm all over the St. Louis area. He finds girls on facebook and dating apps and meets up with them for sex. He complains his girlfriend hasn’t given him sex in six months, but can’t leave her right now because his son is attached to her. His ex Tabatha Suarez is on here and she is a heroin junky that left her kids and him in the dirt. His girlfriend Jennifer Tankersley is on here for being stupid as hell, because she knows he cheats but doesn’t wanna be a single mom of four and have to work. They live in a trailer and she bitches and nags at him. He’s nasty with no teeth and smells rotten. Yet somehow he says he’s a player and gets a bunch of little prostitute bitches to sleep with him. Making people feel sorry for him. Him and his girlfriend have six kids between them. It’s sick. Ladies be aware of Brian, he will lie to get into your panties and tell you he is going to whisk you off to Florida and marry you. Stay away from him and his drama. He has two baby mamas that are psycho. He is a pig. And Brian, stop talking bad about Jen’s family. They took you in like family and you disrespect everyone.

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Maggie Varah

April 9, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 0 8,721 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Niik this dirty dirty swamp rats name is Maggie Varah Shes the nastys sloot in central ks, she came here from missouri married a man and then slept with almost every man 3 counties over, shes a meth head and will fck anything just need to make sure they havent showered in over a month, she gave her husband drd she has been fired from every job she has one for getting caught climbing out of a truck drivers truck and she still had jizz on her cheek, her boss asked her what it was she claimed it was yogurt, yet the driver claimed he had no yogurt in his truck and was in fact allergic, they would have fired her for stealing but she got caught climbing out of the truck before they caught how much she stole, she was fired from dollar general for embezzlement she has 3 kids in Missouri that her ex husband has custody of shes currently the secretary of her job she has now and she receives their mail and shes intercept 8 wage garnishments shes supposed to be having from writing hot checks or lawyers that are suing her or the state of missouri for past due child support which there no reason she should be paying her child support all the money shes been stealing shes had credit cards in her bosses name sent to her own residence of course her bosses dont know these things because shes in charge of there bank accounts mail etc, she fucks any guy that will give her a hit of meth shes the trashiest bitch around and has drd defintion of wookie screaming waste matter discharged through anus

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