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What Do I Do

December 19, 2014 St. Louis, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong for life. Anyways, I’m in a situation. I was dating the love of my life for two years. Our relationship began to hit the rocks when he became addicted to oxy and was constantly on edge and had no sex drive, however I supported him and stuck by his side through it all. He went out of town for a boys trip one weekend and we hardly spoke at all so when he came home we decided to call it quits. Then I come to find out he cheated on me while on this trip and was now dating the girl, who’s name by the way, is FELICIA. Anyways, since the 2 months they have been dating they have gotten multiple matching tattoo’s (that are f*cking terrible) and made a series of other very poor choices. Low and behold, I see him at a bar over the weekend and today he was texting me nonstop, telling me that losing me was the biggest mistake of his life and how he wishes he could take it all back. He also admitted to me that he is still in love with me and not happy in his current relationship at all. He then proceeds to tell me that he found a pair of my underwear and then he sends me a picture wearing the underwear on his HEAD!!!! Now that I have regained control of the situation and want him to suffer for all the pain and heartbreak he put me through, I have to decide what to do with this information. Do I just keep it to myself? or do I Direct message the pic and convo to his new little girlfriend Felicia and let her know what a true piece of S*** he really is? PLEASE HELP!

Neither — you send it to me.- nik

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Your Loss

December 18, 2014 St. Louis 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikk, here it is end of another year and butches still doing same lame shit. Needless to say this sexy tenda right here used to belong to this stupid hoe but from what her fat friend tells me she kicked him to the curb… then tries jump stupid with me. She know who she is. Don’t worry about me bitch thank you very much. How you do all that shit behind his back, cheat, dump him, and still feel some type of way. Stupid ass funny bitches!

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Barbie Princess Andre

December 15, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chelsey Ashley Marie Brown she goes by the name of Barbie Princess Andre She dress like a clown most of the time she has over 30 cats in her home. plus she is a mother of a 1 year one. That child should be taken away from her ASAP Last time i saw her she has the most nasty smelling pssy there is. she moves a lot she cant pay for your own bills She goes by the name Barbie Princess because of how much people made fun of her smell. Her house smells like cat piss and shit. She lives in a bad place for a 1 year old. FYI she will fck any thing that comes to her. I feel so sorry for that Little boy that has to live that. Where is his dad does he know about this?

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Is Tiesto Banging Richie Rexic

December 15, 2014 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first Tiesto banged Abigail Ratchford aka The Office and now he posted this on his IG… is that Richie Rexic?  I guess Mr. Tiesto is a fan of TheDirty.

Richie Rexic actually introduced me to Tiesto’s music 6 years ago. I had know idea who the guy was. She said she traveled with him or something…anyway that doesn’t look like her. This girl is too heavy to be RR.- nik

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Lori Jackson and Emily Ottinger

December 14, 2014 St. Louis 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lori Jackson of Ameren UE and Emily Ottinger both running around infected with drd. They both sleep around in East Saint Louis and Saint Louis and one of my friends caught drd from Lori Jackson and Emily had Trich the drd. They are still going around passing the diseases around in STL and ESTL. Once you get around in STL there is no turning back.

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Daddy Bad Touch

December 11, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I was partying with this guy Jack who I thought was my boy. We was out in Orrick, MO and he started talking about how he was screwing over his wife in a divorce. I was like dude no one cares about you hoe drama. The dude kept running off at the mouth. He started telling me about how he had already lost two kids to the welfare for abuse and was about to losse his 13 month old baby girl but he had more money then the wife so no problem, he would win. He then started talking about how he had forced a barely 17 year old into marrying him after getting her prago at 16. He said he scared and beat the shit out of her. I was like dude not cool, how old are you and he said he was like 45. I said so you got a 16 year old pregnant and beat her to marry you to beat the wrap. Guy got all pissed and I left before he went off on me. I asl around that he lives in a dope house and takes his kid there and gets high with the kid in the room. He lost 2 kids to the state for child abuse and he has a abuse wrap sheet longer the an elephant\’s dick. I started looking old dude up and well he is a pos and wanted so save the poster and share it everywhere to keep this guy from hirting anyone else.

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Micheal Missey

December 11, 2014 St. Louis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: As some of you may know, Michael “no money Misery has been on here before for being an overall wankster and just being a general fk-up from St. Louis, Mo. Well here’s some new and shocking information for you. He will be 24 in may, and his current girlfriend is only 17! For gods sake she still has braces! His family and most of his “friends” have pretty much shunned him because of it. O, and that’s not all he’s got her knocked up too, you can tell that baby is going to have a horrible life considering how dumb the parents are. I mean, they both claim that he supports them but with what money? He’s never had a job and he’s been arrested 3 times just this past summer for shoplifting! Nik, someone needs to give both of these idiots a wake up call before their lives are ruined beyond repair.

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Lizzy Farr

December 9, 2014 St. Louis 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the definition of ratchet. Her face is a fking mess and she looks like she has downs when she smiles. She’s literally slept with every dude in St. Charles County and probably north county too since thats where she’s originally from. Beware, if you drive a truck, especially lifted, or wear camo, she will be after you and probably give you hpv. She could probably suck the dirt out of a carpet since sh’s had such practice. Not to mention I wouldn\’t doubt that she gets plowed by her horse… neiiiiigh

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