Nicki the WalMart Slore

April 23, 2014 St. Louis 5 6,554 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Nicki Huggins or Gloeckner(married name) ratchet slut has several kids, none have the same dad at all. She’s such a whore, she has cheated on everyone she’s been with. A few of her kids don’t even live with her, or see her at all anymore. She’s a total whore, who will suck your dick jus for asking, known to suck several dicks in one night. You can catch her still whoring it up at the South County Walmart, back in automotive. Fck her all you want, but wrap it, she’s fertile, and has an drd or two. She’s probably had over 100 dicks in her loose as pssy. Watch out for this slut.

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Cheating POS Jon Bates

April 22, 2014 St. Louis 13 9,735 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Jon bates. Of farmington & that troll looking thing is Nicole or “nycole”… He was sleeping with this “thing” while also talking to me. Got her pregnant, mind you she’s closer in age to his kids than him. GROSS. But then tells me this little girl trapped him & know he’s stuck. But that didnt stop him from sleeping around. & breaking up with her non stop on social media. PATHETIC… She was even posting on FB looking for him one night, while little does she know he was with me. She is now 20 & with 2 kids 2 different father, & has her first kid call Jon dad.. They have been together a little over a Year & she is so gross she is still supposedly sleeping with her ex & a bunch of randoms WHILE PREGNANT I guess these guys fcking this nasty girl thing they are getting a free pass.. Must be why he keeps running behind her back to me.. He also told me she’s a crazy bitch & stalked him. Watch out Jon is an old nasty man who likes em YOUNG who ALSO has no morals… Hide your kids.

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Geanna Watson

April 21, 2014 St. Louis 8 6,617 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Geanna Watson! This stupid trick thinks she is the shit! Aside from her drds she’s a horrible mother, compulsive liar, and sleeps with any guy that will take her in! He parents kicked her out for being such a f*ckup, she can’t even hold a job at mc Donald’s! She GAVE up her child to her parents so she can party and do whatever else she pleases! This chick will suck dick for $10 worth of gas, but beware you WILL catch the funk! She has literatly 15 guys she’s leading on to get what she desires. She tries to act all cute and innocent when really she’s just a dumb slut who is in a different bed every night of the week-mooching and begging for money.

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Hops From Home to Home

April 18, 2014 St. Louis 34 9,625 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is crazy as shit, blamed her ex of abuse and neglect to get people’s sympathy and get with my friend. Friend moved her out, started hanging out, starting paying her rent and bills and even sold his car to buy her an engagement ring for her to miraculously break it off a couple weeks later and then send snapchts put to all of her friends of her with some new guy in the apartment he was paying for. Pictures are Snap chat stories after breaking an engagement off.

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Miz Freak Not as Solid as She Claims

April 18, 2014 Springfield, St. Louis 4 8,871 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s another Springfield skank to add to the collection from everyone’s favorite local fake MC. “Miz Freak” claims to be a solid stand up club bitch. Working hard for that club mama role. Fact is Tomanika’s naked pix and sexting can be seen on cell phones around town, and not her husband’s!!! She’s bitchin at him while he is out of town all the while gettin hers. ZZ Top – taken him three years to grow that straggly ass beard – wants to play gang member cuz he thinks it gives him street cred to wear a bandana and show off his guns, and the club now claims “property” like the 1%ers, only they can’t seem to keep their bitches in check. A quick scroll down Eugene’s dirty shows 4 out of 5 posts are these stupid bitches (and their girls). Whatever they’re selling, don’t buy it. They’re all cheaters and liars. No wonder they all have shitty lives.

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Spoiled Brat of Bliss Events

April 17, 2014 St. Louis 13 9,109 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick and tired of this stupid slut running around the St. Louis area thinking she is all that. This is Kasey Lucas, and she ain’t shit. Her husband is a drug dealer, that’s how she affords all of her purses and clothes. She is supposedly an event planner (Bliss Events is her company) but all the shit I’ve seen her do is whack. Ooooh you can go to Hobby Lobby and make banners..big whoop. Not only is she a complete joke, but she looks like a freaking horse. SERIOUSLY. A face only a mother can love. She spends all day, every day trolling instagram and facebook posting dumb pictures of her ugly dog and stupid banners. This girl was a slut in high school she fcked the entire football team. Tired of her running around like little miss goodie two shoes while her husband deals heroin and she spreads her legs down the block. The rest of her life is a lie and a coverup. Nik, put this dirty horse on blast..let her know she ain’t about SHIT.

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This is Brittney

April 16, 2014 St. Louis 8 8,914 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thus is st louis finest not she a fat dirty nasty skank who will sleep with anyone . She dirty cause she will sleep with her best friends men behind there backs and married men . She loves to pull them in with her quik trip allowance she earns . A feed them with sandwich from there . This bitch is disturbing in so Many ways she will stock these poor men to sleep with her and she lives on the bottle drunk almost 24/7 go home with whom ever when ever . She thinks she the hottest and by far is not my dog look better then her she deserves the dirty

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Dirty Little Girl

April 16, 2014 St. Louis 7 10,008 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittney Allen. Quite possibly the most annoying person you will ever meet. I had the displeasure of working with this sloot as well as going to school with her. She is drunk almost every night and drives around while drunk as well. She smokes pot every day and lost a job because she couldn’t pass a drug test. She had an abortion a few years back…probably a good thing because this thing should never, ever reproduce. She has a boyfriend now but everyone knows she is the biggest sloot and will fuck anything that walks, she’s proud of her sex life, that’s for sure. She once let guys run a train on her at a party while she was so fucked up, and let it happen out in front of everyone. She’s a huge bitch to anyone that doesn’t like her (which is pretty much the entire St. Louis population) She is fat (she thinks she’s all skinny but no, she’s still a porker and needs to lose about 50-60 more lbs) She posts pictures of herself eating 3 McDouble cheeseburgers at McDonalds, I mean, can we say fatass loser? And don’t even get me started on her “selfies”. She once tried to get with another girls boyfriend at a party, and ended up getting her ass whooped in front of everyone on the front lawn. Nik, please put this dirty skank on blast, she sure as hell ain’t sh*t like she thinks she is and needs to just leave STL already, nobody wants her here. Although I heard she came back up here from Wichita cause her ex boyfriend left her and everyone hates her down there as well.

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