Dirtbag Sandhu

April 21, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 45 8,492 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Raj Sandhu, the biggest dirtbag in metro-vancouver. He lied to and cheated on my friend. He acts like a sweet guy but is really a gangster wannabee clown. He doesn’t run anything, His parents bought him a BMW, with that and his face tattoo he thinks hes hardcore. Him and his richmond – vancity friends are nothing but small time peddlers. Warning to all the little girls out here who fall for this type to stay away, rumor is he has a drd too, my friend is waiting to get tested.

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Colton Villeneuve

April 21, 2014 Surrey 0 8,219 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Colton Villeneuve is the biggest ass hole ever he is a fcking tool he will lie to your face and cheat on any body, he only cares about him self , he drives a big jeep to hide the fact that his dick is fuking tiny as fck , he will use you for any thing you’ve got, dont fcking trust him he will cheat lie and manipulate you , he tries to get with every fcking gurl and he will tell you what ever you wanna hear just to get his dick sucked even if it means hurting someone . Dont trust him !

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Loser Front Man of LOOT – A Tribute To Tool

April 21, 2014 Surrey 3 8,053 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Another one of Surrey’s finest: Cory Cooper. This delusional tard fancies himself a rockstar (aka copy-cats EVERYTHING TOOL singer Maynard James Keenan does). He beats up his girlfriends then blames his childhood upbringing (or blames it on the girl herself or whatever is convenient). He’s fathered a couple of kids to a couple of different women (hope he doesn’t beat up on them but who knows!). He laughs like a weasel (and kind of looks like one, come to think of it). He seems to think he’s pretty clever but really he argues like a woman, going around and around and around in circles until you apologize or he puts a fist to your face (whatever happens first, I guess). This sad aging fool tries to stay relevant but he’s really just a washed up old piece of Surrey trash.

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Surreys’ – Jatinder Sandhu

April 18, 2014 Surrey 62 10,486 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirt bag most disgusting pervert in surrey deserves to be put up on blast. He picks up little girls and rapes them, when he was in highschool he tried to get into every girls pants, he also got charged for raping a girl, all he does in his life is drink and party, and goes to strip clubs and tries touching the strippers butt, he also got kicked out once for being perverted. He has the most disgusting face, and smallest d*ck, every girl out there needs to beware of this pervert, hes nothing but a desperate f*ck, nik put this guy on blast, before he goes and rapes another girl.

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Viral Sloot Shareen Hirani

April 17, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 32 7,591 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Welcome Aboard The well known famous dirty viral cum dumpster SHAREEN HIRANI This girl thinks she’s so DL she bangs every living thing on this planet she thinks she’s so hot shit when really she looks like an apes a-hole. She gang banged these bartenders from the filthy ratchet place called wheel house where she gets picked up by random dudes and creeps with them DISGUSTING TRAP my boy hooked up with this trick and said it was the worse thing ever she was so loose, well thats obvious since every guy has been in that rotting thing get this some guy wanted to hook up with her and she was so drunk and sloppy so instead he pulled out his phone and started recording her skankiness on snap chat and sent the video world wide hahaha nik put this filth on blast. Oh yeah and would you?

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Nevada Marie Foster

April 17, 2014 Calgary, Surrey 40 6,390 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Welllllppp second time in the last month or so this bitch has made it up here. So suprised that so many people actually hated her. This little cunt is the BIGGEST whore Salmon Arm has ever seen. She’s a cheating backstabbing narcissistic little bitch who thinks she’s entitled but the only thing she’s entitled to is a slow burning crash to the bottom. She’s been hooked on the blow since 2010. You can see the addiction on we face.. Makes her super super ugly and the funny thing is about this silly little girl is she calls herself a model HAHAHAHA funny fukin shit. She’s slept with the whole town of salmon arm including her friends boyfriends. Recently she had an abortion I’m not sure if it was her current boyfriends or one on the side. Really Nevada? Anything for the next line right? She will do anything for blow she’s Sunk as low as to sleep with niggers just to feed her habit. But again anything for that next line right? according to a couple of people back in Calgary she was also on the crack coc*ine which ultimately ended in her fleeing from the province of Alberta and never coming back never mind the horde of people after her for being such a try hard. She acts all hard and shit when she’s never even thrown a hit at anyone she crys when people fight around her like the little pussy bitch she is. Wake up nevada for fck sakes before someone comes along and makes you eat your teeth or breaks your jaw again.. Either one would be an improvements. She wears trashy la senza girl shit to her “photoshoots” thinking she looks f*cking spectacular. Bitch you look like a fcking c*ack whore who’s been on a fcking 2 week bender with your greasy hair and your pock marked face. Fck you greasy c*nt hope your life works out for you with these posts and all . glad I could be of service

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Nasty FJN Wanksta

April 16, 2014 Surrey 9 6,808 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I introduce to you Shivneel Kumar. He is beyond cocky and thinks hes the shiet. Highschool was over a long time ago you ugly fck. He walks around as if his shit dont smell and takes selfies of himself cause he has no friends to take pics with. Stop living in highschool days and grow up shivneel!

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Monica Fay Is A Troll

April 16, 2014 Surrey 3 8,364 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, first post.  I came across this video today and I believe not enough people had the privilege to see it! I may be mistaken, but it seems shes trying to imitate Jenna marbles, except she’s not funny or famous. Monica Fay, you truly are a troll.  Even if she was funny, doesn’t change her frumpy looks and her fat body. Nik, please tell me, not how you would rate her, but how an average guy would. She needs to know her place!

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