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King of Surrey D45

November 25, 2014 Surrey 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who kil**d Donny Pawliuk? Word has it on the street it was his best friend Jay Harris but then he had a funeral but his body was never found? That doesn’t make sense. People say his best friend killed him then others say his sister Sarah’s baby daddy Dave aka Parts killed him. Maybe this site will give the dirty and tell us who killed Donny.

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Beware of this Cheater

November 24, 2014 Surrey 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: All women BEWARE of a so called man that goes by the name Steve (his cheating name and the name he uses to lure women on date sites) and his real name is Jag. This scum cheats on his wife and has done so for a very long time and she knows but stays with him and puts up with it because she “loves” him so therefore she forgives his cheating ass and takes his abuse. This pos has profiles on different date sites such as BADOO and POF (he uses the profile steveedlund on pof, plenty of fish) and he says he is si Glen and has a sob story how he is a single father and says he works so hard as an aircraft tech and makes unsuspecting women believe him and he is VERY good at it, then he makes excuses to as to why he cant bring the woman home to his house like saying his kids have been through so much and he wants to take a lot of time before introducing them when really it\’s because he has a wife. He lies so bad and manipulates so well and takes the women to his brothers house in New Westminster BC and another house in Surrey and he drinks with them and has sex with them and he does this constantly. He is extremely abusive and forces anal sex on women and chokes them and enjoys causing horrible pain on the person it is a shame that they can’t fight back and stop him due to his strength. It is imperative that all women steer clear of him as he could be carrying diseases and he is physically abusive so watch out for him!

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Dirty Surrey Boy

November 24, 2014 Surrey 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the most obnoxious guy on the face of the planet, he is hitting on me told me he would buy me the world and asked me for five dollars. After constantly rejecting him, I came to know he’s dating a girl and yet going around asking for his ex girlfriend back and hitting on me. He sh*t talks every girl he dates and all the girls he dated are absolutely beautiful. He is a gold digger himself if anybody wants a fresh off the boat hitting on you then hit him up. He drives a silver old car plays poonjabi music really loud and checks out the girl next to him. He asked me to be his side chick instead of his girlfriend. Well I am sorry G*r* B*j*a I am not that type of girl unlike the girls you date. Add him on Facebook everyone he’ll hit on anyone and his ex girlfriend doesn’t even know how much he has cheated on her.

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Mom & Tot tag team

November 19, 2014 Surrey 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: these grewsome twosome are no good gold diggers! nothing but head games from kassie ann archer, and cindy archer. all im saying is some people shouldn’t be doing drugs! nothing but lies come out of there mouths. will rob you blind then guilt you into giving them money. The only thing you’ll ever get from them is a fcking drd! no joke people if you have slept or come in contact with the go get tested asap. Well look at our future drug and alcohol counselor.A active user! now isn’t that just the pot calling the kettle black.

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Ariel Ellison Is Still Escorting

November 19, 2014 Surrey 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ariel Ellison is still escorting. GROSS who would pay for that? Disgusting!!! get a real job hoe

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Bryanna Reddy

November 19, 2014 Surrey 141

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is disgusting her name is Bryanna Reddy. i don’t know how she went from having dark skin to white skin. She thinks she’s better than everyone else because she dates Kosta Karalis the son of the owner of stephos restaurant in downtown.We use to be friends until she accused me of sleeping with her bf. I use to visit her at her stupid spa she worked at bringing her treats and she accuses me of that. This girl is an attention whore posting her lingerie, pictures, of her bf in bed and her caked on face. Girl we do not want your boyfriend he’s ugly as fuck. Quit telling us he’s so hot

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Jessica Ashlee

November 19, 2014 Coquitlam, Surrey 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet jessica ashlee thomson breaking records at the age of 19 for the lower mainlands dirtiest sloot, she is most commonly referred to as a homie hopper this girl has had more loads in her than a washing machine. As all of you can see her pepsi diet is a complete fail it is not at all helping with her beer belly it is however giving her the usually haggered junkie face. when this blonde heffer isnt meeting 35 year old men off POF you can find her at local pubs trolling for the strange or party hopping for this weeks boyfriend Nik put her on the blast

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Patrick “The predator” Befus

November 18, 2014 Surrey 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Pat “The Predator” Befus.. We call him this in Surrey because at least once a week he likes to pick up an underage girl, get her wrecked on heroin, and try to make her his gf. He will go so far as to even go to recovery meetings and AA meetings, just to find little girls to prey on. He offers advice, sponsorship, and”friendship” to the youngest girl he can find. and then after he gains their trust and they go for coffee, he will start slowly bringing up using drugs etc, and as soon as he can he will “have a slip” and ask the girl for help, roping them in.. Once he succeeds at that, it’s over for these girls. Girls beware, this guy isnt a sponsor, and he has never been clean. I met the last girl he was with, when she tried to go get clean he punched her in the nose, and then tried to cuddle up while saying he’s sorry. Then comes the sexual advances seconds later, aggressive sexual advances, while the girl is scared. It’s sad really, how someone his age can prey on teen girls, feeding them drugs for sex. I met hisnmost recent, at the hospital. while she was getting her lip and eyebrow stitched. His menacing and disgusting ways need to be brought into the light Nik, cuz this guy is pure GARBAGE, preying on the weakest of the weak, young addicted girls who need help. When a grown man can hit a 17 yr old girl to the floor and then guilt her for sex moments later, with passive threats of homelessness and abandonment, that\’s the stuff the dirty needs to bring to light. Patrick John Befus, leave surreys little girls alone u PREDATOR!!!

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