Body Odor Pepsi Slores

September 23, 2014 Surrey 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessie (red bottoms) and to her left Chantelle (black bottoms) two of the ugliest slores of Surrey, you can find them either getting drunk and parading through various newton establishments looking for pepsi from random guys or you can find them downtown slooting away. These two sloots are gossip queens and try to flirt with everyones bfs on purpose, guess what ladies it doesn’t work. Chantelle cant get any guys because of her hideous face and body odor so she tried asking my bf to chill when she knew he was taken and Jessie is a little gremlin looking midget who looks like if jay leno and Gollum from lord of the rings had a baby and that baby took a poo and out came Chantelle, complicated explanation really but its understandable. Nik put these sloots on blast we need to alert the females around them to stay clear from their devilish ways.

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Henry Bolar the King Pin of Bonnyville

September 22, 2014 Bonnyville, Surrey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this is henry bolar he moved here from surrey to sell pepsi and other stuff please post this low life drug dealer that cheats on his fat girl friend that works at the bank. I slept with him once then found out his women works at the bank. he sells to that carlos losser then carlos sells to kids can u please put this person up I hope he leaves town even though he just bought a house with his fat girlfriend that he cheats on every time he goes out! thanks nik

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Mother Daughter Duo

September 22, 2014 Surrey 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is JesSICKa and her gross spawn Karina. Mother and daughter gold digging whores. If you do end up nailing of them PLEASE use protection they both frequent trips to the clinic and the mother has herpes 100%. These are the 2 biggest gaping holes in surrey and need to put on blast. If they cant suck your money dry they will make your life hell . Dirty, cheap, and well known on the streets. BE VERY AWARE HIDE YOUR VALUEABLES around these one cent whores.

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Shi Sho at it again

September 19, 2014 Surrey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik ! This bitch is now posting pictures of her ass and shit to get people’s attention . She went from a sweet sweet innocent girl to a wanna be black chick and a two face hoe . She acts like shes all that but in reality she’s just a cunt who’s desperate for cocks lol . This skank fcked my friend this summer and apparently gave him something . But that’s none of my business , she’s still far from skinny I don’t know who’s she’s tryna fool . She hops from guys to guys , she came to my birthday party one year and fucked two guys in one night . The next day ? She blames it on the alcohol and claims she doesnt remember shit all. I slept over at her house All we did was watch her talk to guys on omegle and smoke weed. We were chilling downtown the otherday and she had her shit laced with crystal mth . The hoe is fcked . Would you fck her nik ?

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Surrey Cheater

September 15, 2014 Surrey 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Danny Clap aka cheating bastard.  This is his gf from the island I thought I was his gf hes dating Katrina Cairns from the island I thought I was his gf until this I found out about this girl hes been with.

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Dominic is a Deadbeat

September 15, 2014 Surrey 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dominic a typical surrey dead beat crck head father. All he does is do drugs with hookers and rob old lady’s for there purses. This asshole doesn’t see his son who’s almost 2 years old and in in and out of jail.

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Delta Dirt

September 10, 2014 Surrey 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: This right here is Ameet Kalirai. I’m shocked to see he hasn’t been posted here before because anyone from Surrey and Delta either knows or knows of this dirtbag. He’s a grown man that still lives in mommy and daddys basement, JOBLESS where he brings over cheap prostitutes and little girls to sleep with. He doesn’t even deserve to be called a man since he acts like a child, parties everyday, moochies off all his friends etc. This coke whore has been around so much its disgusting, the only way he gets action is when he buys it or drugs and drinks up little girls almost 10 years younger than him. He should be considered a rapist! Every single thing about this fob is vile and I hope one day hes locked up so the streets are a little cleaner here in Delta.

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She Is Back At It

September 9, 2014 Surrey 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this girl here is the biggest whore around, her name is ashika singh but she spells it like asheeka. ever since highschool shes been going to diff schools sleeping with different guys and pretending to have babies with them, after everyone starts to hate her she moves schools telling her family shes being bullied and does it all over again. shes been to a least 6 different school and just dropped out after meeting a guy and saying she wants the THUG LIFE as she claims hes a big time hustler and she doesn’t need school or a job,but its funny cause he doesn’t even work or drive. She married a guy for 15 grand when she was 18 years old and spent all the money buying makeup, drugs and liquor. this girl scams all her friends and all her family for money and drugs and i would know cause she stole my phone and money after we’ve been friends for 5 years . shes the dirtiest most thirstiest bitch around. shes cheated on every guy shes ever met and fcks her best friends friends. i cant even go on cause just thinking of her makes me wanna puke Nik you know about these ratchet bitches better than i do, what do you think, is she classy like she claims ?

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