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Ho Ho Ho Scerry Christmas

December 19, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: LITERALLY THESE 3 stooges (Bethany Megan & Matthew Crews )actually there is 4 but one did America a favor and went back to prison. Google inmate search can define these pathetic scoundrels !!! They steal from each other much less give anyone else a chance !!! They steal from children and from the people who provide and help their children hell they have even stolen and Pawned their own children’s toys ! They are all junkies and shoot up anything they can get there hands on i seen a needle fall out and land right beside her child’s foot !! They are absolutely disgusting and will never change they have been in and out of jail since they were 7 years old how has saline or Pulaski county not sentenced them life with the things they have done to people. Seeing them in the streets living their pathetic lives makes me rethink karma !!!!! Sorry low lives sad thing is they aren’t robbing for there children they are stealing from the children and all of their friends  i think it’s time for justice Nik – what do you think !!

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Tampa School teacher Monica Davidson

December 17, 2014 Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: just found out this tampa school teacher has been sexing my husband knkwing hes married for the last 2 years. not only that shes been sexing a few other married men with two if them being friends micheal clayton and cadillac williams. im sure she wont be any longer since my husband is in legal trouble, but ladies watch her she is definetly the example of a slimy whore.

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Daddy of the Year

December 15, 2014 Tampa 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is kenneth St.Bernard trash. Who is 21 & has a child that he does not care to see. He runs the streets with his dope head friends rather than spending time with his 7 month old son. He rather smoke weed & chill with girls before seeing his child. Stay away ladies because obviously he can’t take care of his responibilities. He lives with “friends” that don’t even take care of their children as well. You have to beg him to even come see his son. Thinks he’s a baller but can’t even get a job because he’s so worried about running the streets. A compulsive liar & a cheater who will tell you anything to cover up what he has done wrong. If i were you i’d stay FAR AWAY.

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Go away Schemer

December 9, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Tampa 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: She treats everyone like sh*t. She struts around Tampa pimping out her desperate girlfriends and basically robs guys. I can’t believe she’s still running around Hookers on the Point style without someone putting her in her place. Everyone hates her and talks sh*t about what a c*nt she is, the only reason girls even stick around her is b/c they need cash and she will pimp them out and take a cut. If she were really a player on any level her ass would be able to get out of Tampa Loser old bitch

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Brian Cox Support Group

December 5, 2014 Jacksonville, Tampa 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brian Cox has lured too many women with his lies and deceit. He is spreading drd and genital w**ts. Women think because of his title – Colonel Cox, and his pilot status, he is a gentleman. He has been married three times in eight years, and is currently married. but he lies about his past and his drd’s.

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Manipulative Douchecreep

December 1, 2014 Buffalo, St. Petersburg, Tampa 11

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Used to live in Buffalo, NY. Creepy weirdo. On the first date said we’d probably get married. Awkward. Went on a few dates. He jackhammered me. Wanted to go unprotected. I got uncomfortable so he douched out and flaked off. Dodged a bullet right? Nope. Repeatedly has tried to get in touch throughout the years asking to marry me and for me to have his kid. Wat. No. I guess he thought dick pics would do it. Nope.. Looks like he finally found a bitch to knock up. Fcking. Weird.

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Money Hungry

November 27, 2014 San Antonio, Tampa 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe trys to come off nice.trys to get money outta u saying I just need a lil help.she puts on an act wen she meets u acts like she movin out her bfs house an in with her mom to spend time with u wen she finds out ur not comein off that bread her bf jumps in the pic threating to blow ur house up an kill u all sorts of bs but im not the one I called him on it an hes nothing but pussy.this bitch is a dopephine pill popper she recently broke her front tooth in half ugh lookd ugly an the bitch super glued it in .her names jill vass beware.

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Please Don’t Dance

November 26, 2014 Tampa 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these girls are dance teachers. They teach young girls around ages 4-12. They all think they are the “best dancers” there are and with the most “rockstar” bodies. The one in the front is the head instructor and is constantly insulting the little girls calling them fat and telling them they aren’t pretty enough. do you think any of these girls have a right to say either? what do you think of them and the head teacher?

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