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Money Hungry

November 27, 2014 San Antonio, Tampa 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe trys to come off nice.trys to get money outta u saying I just need a lil help.she puts on an act wen she meets u acts like she movin out her bfs house an in with her mom to spend time with u wen she finds out ur not comein off that bread her bf jumps in the pic threating to blow ur house up an kill u all sorts of bs but im not the one I called him on it an hes nothing but pussy.this bitch is a dopephine pill popper she recently broke her front tooth in half ugh lookd ugly an the bitch super glued it in .her names jill vass beware.

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Please Don’t Dance

November 26, 2014 Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these girls are dance teachers. They teach young girls around ages 4-12. They all think they are the “best dancers” there are and with the most “rockstar” bodies. The one in the front is the head instructor and is constantly insulting the little girls calling them fat and telling them they aren’t pretty enough. do you think any of these girls have a right to say either? what do you think of them and the head teacher?

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Broc ‘Florida Raised’ Chitty

November 21, 2014 Jacksonville, Tampa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Broc is a tattoo artist at River City Tattoo in the Landing and tries to fck every girl with a tramp stamp without a condom so he can share his drd with everyone (sharing is caring.) He can barely make an Instagram post he’s so illiterate and is a rapper just like everyone else in jax. No bank account. No car. Plenty of drd. Ladies, he’s not “available” but I’m sure he’ll give you a go.

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Amy Clarisse

November 21, 2014 Miami, Tampa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alyssa from the classy state of Florida. First of all, she’s a single mother to a toddler. One would think that being a single mother, you wouldn’t be filtering through guys like they’re underwear. But no, this girl does. You can see on her IG (alyssaclarisse) that every two weeks she has a new guy that she brings around her child. Wouldn’t that be extremely confusing for a toddler? She doesn’t even care. She meets new men off of Tinder, proceeds to post pictures of them before sh’s even met them, (#mcm, etc.) and spew a bunch of shit how this is the only guy for her. Literally a week or so later, she starts talking a bunch of shit how she’s “purposefully single.” Can we touch on the fact that this girl is a huge bible thumper? This morning, she posted this huge rant on IG about how if a woman gets an abortion, you are sinning and a terrible person. She deleted the post, most likely due to backlash. Alyssa, if you are as religious and a “godly woman” as you say you are, why are you fucking ten thousand guys? You couldn’t be more thirsty for Greg if you tried. Oh, and you should probably take the confederate flags down off your walls you piece of trash. Please stop fcking embarrassing yourself.

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Tampa Trash

November 20, 2014 Tampa 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Ware,AKA known as trash below the Mason Dixon line,known as southern trash above the Mason Dixon line …. has once again with the help of my spouse,upended my life and my familys life. It is now my personal mission to give her the attention she seeks. She is currently in Florida but that is subject to change as she moves through men at the speed of a starved animal finding fresh meat. I suppose its not all her fault,as she claims to be a victim of molestation/incest. Smh, other peoples problems become other peoples problems.

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Grandma Still Partying In Tampa

November 11, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 164

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Viviane Derosa aka the oldest hag still running around partying in Tampa.  She’s 50 years old and thinks she’s still in her 20s. She’s out every single weekend pretty pathetic when your going out to clubs that are 18 and up and your the oldest person in there. Her time was over 10 years ago and its sad to see she just wont accept it. The only young thing on her body are her fake tits she has that seem to be holding up since all her sagging skin is going down. Disgusting to see her old ass out at the beach with cellulite in a two piece bikini when she needs to cover it up. All that Botox she has made her delusional. Its beyond comical when she posts pics of her photo shopped pictures trying to smooth out her face. Every guy she dates leaves her you can only feel bad seeing her chase around 20 year old guys around town thinking one will actually like her. She’s still chasing after her ex bf Mike who left her for a 25 year old. She’s now suing a bunch of people because she’s embarrassed she started drama at 50 years old. Guess she needs money to pay for her face lift and plastic surgery somehow. She’s on a few dating websites and lies about her age on there claiming she’s 43. One of my friends hooked up with her and he said it was like f*cking a dead body, old wrinkled and dried up. Too bad the dirty doesn’t accept nudes the nude pics from her snap chat would make anyone want to throw up. Someone tell grandma to give it up and head to the retirement home already.

Let me guess…this image is from 2005.- nik

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Help Bring In Trent Gayle

November 6, 2014 Tampa, The Dirty 105



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this piece of sh*t is Trent Gayle who already has a warrant out… On Halloween punched a woman in the face and proceeded to run away like the little bitch he is. We are currently looking for him and wanted to see if you could help spread the word. If you know where this loser is please contact the Tampa Police Department. Men should never hit a woman, especially for no reason.

Trampa please be on the look out for this guy.- nik

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Slore House

November 6, 2014 Edmonton, Tampa 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: NikkI here is one you should kn about I met this pig at the club, her name is cori glenn she want all black man and all they do is use her she as a son an her is black and the father is not in the pic, ppl should call child welfare her cuz she is out ever nite.she also as drd, and she didnt tell me….I found out that this girl was fu..k every one …and she loves to fight.if u r a black men becareful this whore will say your the only one and is wit every one,

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