Scooby Snack Is Peaking

September 2, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whoever said Kina is not looking good these days is smoking crack.  Please tell me she is not at her prime right now?  Somebody better wife that up.

Yup, those are definitely real.- nik

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Celebrity Gossip: Blogroll

September 2, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 15


Click Here to see Drake’s booty call Rihanna and why she doesn’t need a man to be happy!!!

Click Here to see why Kimye are a true union. I’m guessing they see Norphan once a month even if that!!

Click Here to the trailer for CouplesTherapy reunion part 1 TOMORROW at 9/8C!!!

Click Here read why Cee-Lo knows more about rape than you!!

Click Here to read about the FBI chasing down the hacker that leaked all of the Celeb nudes!!

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Dating Site For “Hot People”

September 2, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I came across an article regarding “hot people”, and how they have a difficult time finding mates. A “model” named Lucy Harrold claims she has a hard time dating because she is “too hot”, thus causing men to be intimidated and shy away from asking her out. Being a long time fan of The Dirty, my views of beauty have been drastically altered due to your meticulous evaluation of women’s appearance, so naturally I don’t find her attractive. The photos I found are obviously photo-shopped to death, so I can only imagine what she looks like in real life, where she cannot hide behind veil of photoshop, makeup artists, and hair stylists. I wanted to see what you and the Dirty Army think about this concept. Personally, I think it would be a breeding ground for douche bags and narcissistic/vapid women who have delusions of grandeur. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I prefer FACE TO FACE interaction as apposed to flocking to the internet in order to find love (or booty calls). Our society is so warped that men and women think that bars and clubs are acceptable places to find a mate, but I strongly disagree. I know you guys are going to jump on me and claim that I am some ugly, bitter woman, but I am quite the opposite. Go to college, and find yourself an educated, like minded mate to share your life with. Hell, go to the grocery store! It’s sure better than meeting losers online or in alcohol infused venues. So what do you guys think?

People go to clubs to find sex, not to find mates. Guys just date club rats sometimes because they need consistent sex to feel complete.- nik

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Raelene Lives For Red Bottoms

September 2, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 25



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Raelene Labray and as you can tell for her love of Red Bottoms we all know what she does for money.  She got flown around and plowed by photographer Jeff Lombardo and made a World Star Hip Hop video, and she want’s everyone to believe she is just hard working girl.

Thank you Raelene Labray for proving my theory.- nik

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Former Seattle Mariner Tom Oldham Gave Me DRD

September 2, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Seattle, The Dirty 57


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a few months ago I’m in Seattle for a college roommates engagement party. It was rather dull, so after a few of the girls decide to hit Baltic Room. This guy starts chatting me up saying he’s a Mariners player and huge hedge fund manager. It turns out he was ONCE actually a Seattle Mariner and his name is Tom Oldham. BTW, he’s no hedge fund manager. Just a compliance rat in a cube at Mutual of Omaha. Anyways, we go back to his hotel do some coke and unfortunately I slept with him. A few weeks ago I’m in the shower touching myself before work and feel a bump. I assumed it was an ingrown hair. Well, fast forward and now I have an appointment at the gyno. Beware ladies.

That hat doesn’t look like a real baseball cap.- nik

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Seth Rogen Is An Idiot

September 2, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 239


PopDust Link: Richie Slams Rogen For Nude Photos Tweet—Seth Says He’s Never Heard Of ‘Asshole’ Nik

Just need to make this very clear because Hollywood tends to kiss Seth Rogen’s ass. Yesterday, I was upset because Seth was saying dumb sh*t on twitter…something about re-posting the celebrity nude images on your website is like ‘stealing’ and then he tweeted the Forbes article which claims this whole thing is a Sex Crime. My point of view is totally different, why are we not holding the celebrities accountable for taking the pictures in the first place? Since when did celebrities become God… and it bugs the sh*t out of me that Seth Rogen thinks he is the ambassador to all things celebrity. Your are a comedian, don’t get lost in your own hype (and fake friends). Seth you sound like a POSER. That is all. And PopDust f*ck off.- nik

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Everybody Leave Whale Wars Alone

September 2, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Listen guys, I’m not sitting here trying to convince all of you guys to accept Whale Wars as a “high fashion model”. This post is completely objective and honest. While in no way I find Kate’s body hot (she has no waist/hips), I do think she has a cute face, and OBVIOUSLY a huge, real rack. Now again, I’m not trying to convince you guys that she’s super hot, but I am here to tell you ladies to f*ck off. Kate was in a movie with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, she’s landed some big campaigns (Express, Sports Illustrated, Elle, Vogue, etc). Which one of you “models” has done that? Just take a look at her networth, then go cry yourself to sleep because you’ll never reach her status. She kills the game in money and fame. Ya she’s chunky, but she has more than enough money to fix that with lipo and a trainer. To all you hating ass bitches, put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

The question really should be… what does America consider a model to look like? Will we buy products because Whale Wars tells us to — I won’t.- nik

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Innocent Asian Model Or Genius Thief

September 2, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of knowing about Vivian “thevivs” Nguyen’s reign of terror in taking advantage of good people that I know. Long story short, she used people, borrowed money (without paying back), lied about having cancer, and lied about her relationship status all while ruining several people’s lives.  She’s gone into hiding a bit nowadays (making her social media accounts private and blocking out everyone who has helped her out), but the truth needs to be put out there. I have good word from some connections of mine in the automotive industry and gaming industry that this girl is indeed evil and a thief. She worked with Korean super power, Hankook Tire and popular Japanese game developer Bandai Namco in the past. Unfortunately her sh*t talking about all the other girls/models she worked with and her ability to suck up to the management really rubbed people the wrong way. Even almost fighting another model at a show! (WTF)  She would work with some real sweethearts in the industry, among them some very professional models/talent. Yet she would always talk behind their backs and try to play ‘leader’ in a weird Mean Girls sort of way. So what’s her crime? She borrowed money from someone, even promising she’d pay back, but then dodges/blocks them. She last worked with Nyko (gaming company) at E3, but if they had known they were harboring a criminal, would they (or anyone) still hire her? We can submit more if you want logs, screen caps, etc. Let us know.

I feel like all Nguyen’s are safe from the internet. It’s impossible to google the one you are looking for.- nik

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