Curly Hermy

April 22, 2014 Toronto 0 7,471 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Katie Clark ,she’s a nanny but smokes pot and steals boyfriends away from nice girls who don’t even know who this dumb bitch is. Shes menipulative and tries to make people feel sorry for her like saying I’m mess I should be alone for the rest of my life blah blah.. I have no idea how she gets guys because she’s the same size as a cow. I heard she’s totally shady her ex went to visit his parents in Toronto and when he returned to an empty house. Real classy bitch face!!!

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Tiny T Barbie

April 22, 2014 Toronto 15 6,951 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tara stremble this girl is so dirty cheats on her fat ugly fiance every time her and her friend SAM go out . she thinks she’s better then everyone mean while her fat fiance is a obese drug dealer who sells drugs right out of her house when her poor son is there she also sells stolen items right off Facebook and collects welfare she finally after 5 years has a job getting 10.25 hour still collecting welfare but stays making fun of other ppl on it ? Does that make sense? Also this girl tans every day since high school she thinks she looks good but she looks like a orange . her fat boyfriend fcks everyone including her friend SAM at A party and she don’t even know it she’s always trying to fight over her man meanwhile she’s a mother real classy by the way she’s gotta horrible sense of pronunciation with her speech impediment I just think its time she’s up her put this girl in her place I don’t know what do you think nik???

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Degenerate Menace – Eli Levinson

April 22, 2014 Mississauga, Toronto 0 8,818 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douchebag is called Elisha Levinson aka Eli Levinson. Runs a fake rental company in Toronto for the purpose of robbing home owners and investors. He tells people he will guarantee them rent and look after their properties and then disappears with the money he gets from tenants. This low life cockroach who hangs out in the shadows waiting to pounce on unsuspecting home owners is on the run. His company is called Candadian Dominion Homes Inc (CDH) have both been shut down and this douche is on the run along with his side kick Aaron Greeberg (another low life lost soul). Anyone with information on Elisha Levinson, goes by the name Eli Levinson whereabouts is requested to post for the many home owners like myself who have fell victim to his fraudulent schemes designed to steal hard working peoples money. His company website ww[].com is down and he has shut down his office located at [removed], Mississauga, ON This despicable and violent man must be brought to justice. I’m claiming over $35,000 in rent arrears and damages to my rental properties.

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Matt Graca

April 21, 2014 Toronto 4 5,595 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where should I get started on this piece of work! Let me introduce you to matt graca or what he likes to be called matty g? He is the biggest liar and cheater there is. I can’t believe he has not been on here yet. He cheats on every girl he is with and always has a few girls on the go. The poor girl he is with now she has no idea what she is getting herself into. He has bad anxiety and goes into crazy mode atleast once a day! He claims to be so hard but when it comes down to it he just runs away like a little bitch, he has the herp so be careful ladies. And ladies with children be aware he gets controlling when it comes to kids and starts saying there his. When he starts to breath heavy look out he will probably start smashing stuff to look cool. He stinks and never showers. He only thinks about himself. He is very into feelings so I’m thinking he might even be gay! He will have sex with anything! It’s about time this child is on blast

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Desparate LeChante Lawrence

April 21, 2014 Toronto 1 8,199 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lechante Lawrence aka Horse face… is a disgusting tranny who has no remorse on hurt she inflicts on others. She goes around acting like she is a tough “WO-MAN” that can handle her own biz. Mean while behind close doors her man is penalizing her for God bringing her into this world. Its sad to say but this transvestite will come in your home and eat your food and wear your clothing and try to put it back like it wasn’t touched…lol leaving the stains in the arm pit and the stench still there…She is ungrateful and doesn’t know when she has something good going for her besides her man… He uses her for her welfare cheque as well as his papers…he didn’t marry you for your good looks honey that’s for sure… Back to horse face…She is going to college for culinary art for cooking and cant even cook mac n cheese… She is a drunk and a pathological liar and will lie about anything she deems necessary in the moment…Don’t let her fool you she is spiteful and will smile in your face and talk badness behind your back…What goes around comes around…you will get yours…Ps by the way your braces won’t change your face or your nasty personality…

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Bojana Burned Her Bridges

April 21, 2014 Miami, Toronto 9 8,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this girl has been on your site before, the slore she is. She is Bojana Djukic from Winnipeg but has been living in Miami since January and Toronto before that now she trying to make nice with everyone she know in winnipeg cuz she’s gona have to come home soon. She been working without a visa in Miami as a ‘model’ and her agency dropped her so she can’t stay longer than 6 months. When she was in Toronto she said she escaped Winnipeg, when she in Miami she said she was from Europe now she wants to come back to Winnipeg and say its just for a little bit. Screw her. Winnipeg may not be a big city but I’m from here and she be disrespecting us ever since she left. She’s nobody’s friend, she just using you for whatever she can get. She can’t even afford her own place and lives in a building her parents own. Stay in Miami, your not welcome here.

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Hannah Jane

April 21, 2014 Toronto 3 9,172 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty trailer trash, sucubus whore, has fcked through more than half the Toronto Rave Scene. If the name Anthony Seselja ( DjNexkid), rings a bell you would know how fcking gross and pedo he is. well shes fcked him too. Shes a physco slut, who has a horrific eating disorder and a nasty drug habbit. Losing over 120 pounds in less than a year, ( by taking mass amounts of speed and other drugs, and also starving herself). Leaving her with what you see here. A disgusting saggy body. Oh did i mention this slore has a latex allergy? SO if you were going to hit it, DONT. you cant cover your dick, and youll more than likely end up with a dirty as drd. Have a dick? Need to get laid? Send Hannahjane IsaPanda a message/ add on Facebook. Shell happily fuck you for a gram of weed, or just because you pay attention to her.

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Update On Former Escort Niusha Ghasem

April 21, 2014 Toronto 13 8,550 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so we all know Niusha G, the former escort and stripper.  This little gold digger has been on the prowl since she was 19, working at RUB & TUGS all over the GTA.. Golden spa ext. Niusha has has sex with almost every guy in the GT and has gotten the most amount of surgery possible: Nose job, cheek life, lip injections, Botox, NOSE JOB, and breast implants. If you know her, you know she is the biggest disgrace to persians! She was in an afghan video a couple years back, your persian lol why are you in an Afghan video? What do you think Nik? She has a whole group of escort friends as well, Sanaz Ameli, Karolina V, Nikki Chloe, and the list goes on! So where did Niusha disappear to? Well, she found a rich old jewish man who she is now married to and uses him. Nik, her husband bought her a Bentley and she crashed shortly after, and he then bought her a brand new range rover! You would think after all this time, she would keep a low profile right? WRONG.

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