Has Lien Phillip Done This To Any Other Woman

August 27, 2014 Calgary, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, Toronto, Windsor 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was raped by Lien Phillip. I went to the police and started a file. The police told me because of the way he did it, what he does (plays basketball), the things he said and the whole circumstances that they know he has done it before. Problem being, he knew what he was doing so there was no DNA evidence. Basically it comes down to a he said-she said, He travels Canada and the world and people need to know. I need to reach other women that can come forward so he will stop doing this to other people!!!! I fought for hours. And the internal damage I had is so severe they don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to have kids…. Please come forward. Please.

[email protected]- nik

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Saving Children From This Pedophile

August 27, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I am not sure if you heard, but Muzik owner Zlatko Starkovski used his political influence to ban EDM in Toronto by claiming he wanted to save children from pedophiles. I am not quite sure what to think about this man, could the army tell me a little bit more about his character?  Click here to read an article about this guy!!

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Plastic Hag

August 27, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Stephanie Ly but her real name is Stephanie Poon, she has had more surgery done than the Cindy Jackson! You can compare her photos from before and after, such a difference… She is CRAZY! Like a Psycho! She “dated” (or so she thought) my friend and basically stole money from him! She even got my friend to pay for all her plastic surgery, rent, and bags… He broke up with her and she would go to his house unannounced begging him to marry her… I felt so bad for my friend, he told me there was always some white smelly cheese curds looking things in her vagina and that he didn’t trust her, that’s why he never took her seriously.. On top of that, who the fck wants to take home a washed up looking hag home to their mom, especially with an awful sex tape… this woman needs help.. Take off your makeup you hooker steph! It’s gross when you can’t even take off your makeup at the gym…

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Skunt Menard

August 27, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kayla Menard is the slutest backstabbing skank ever. She so trashy!! She’s has drd. She’s an unfit mother. She tells her disabled child he’s stupid & a goof. She steals and lies to everyone. She betrays everyone. She beats on people who cat defend themselves. She tells her dying mother to k*** herself. She tells her depressed little sister to c** herself & tells her she’s worthless. She has beaten her past pets. It’s unreal. She sleeps with any guy she sees. No joke. She has so many of her exs names tattooed on her. She’s crazy. She’s even likes guy that want nothing to do with her. She be fcking da crew. She uses guys for there money. She’s even beat her own bf.. Like wtf? I warn you if you see this girl walk the other way! Beware if she can treat her child & family & pets like this she’s clearly fcked up.

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The Truth About Ashley Cormier

August 27, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 105


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Cormier, whore, hooker, liar, gold digger, sloot, two faced, diseased, thief, drug addict and the most selfish, self centred old ass bitch you’ll ever meet. She lives right outside Belleville, Ontario. But spends most of her time in Toronto with her boyfriend. She uses him for money and cheats on him all the time. She has multiple boyfriends and sugar daddies. She’ll bang anything for a fresh pair of Loubs and a Luis. She’s a total c*m dumpster.  She has no self respect or morals. She is a pathological liar. She has no friends because she sleeps with everyone’s boyfriends. She thinks she’s better then everyone and makes fun of people that are not up to her standard. She a f*cking physco, if she sees someone prettier then her she’ll throw a tantrum like a spoiled little bitch. She’s always posting ugly selfies. Get over yourself!! She has an incredible body but don’t be fooled it’s from steroids. Nothing natural there. She recently won first place in some stupid bikini body building show probably because she slept with the judges.

Let me guess Ashley — this is not true (lol).- nik

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Iris Crackslore

August 26, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Iris buckingham this disgusting girl begs people for money to get her next fix. She has a son and her boyfriend doesn’t seem to care. Stay away from this walking cottage cheese pssy. This girls psy smells like fish and has been for years. She really needs to stop partying and face reality.

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Taking Advantage of the Challenged

August 25, 2014 Toronto 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: My brother was taken advantage of by this woman. He has autism and so desperately wants a girlfriend. She got him to buy her 1500 dollars worth of shit and promised him sex for it. Slept with him and then took even more money. Stole his credit card number and stole my moms tablet from her house when my mom was out and brother was gone to check the mail. She woman is pure evil! She lives in Barrie Ontario.

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Steve Hopkins – Impersonator

August 22, 2014 Toronto 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Steve Hopkins is a disgruntled actor who always tries to get in the pants of the actresses he is working with. He is a crybaby and when he doesn’t get what he wants. He steals, he tries to bring people down by stabbing them in the back but he is afraid and scared to face the people he has a grudge with. He is delusional and believes that he is a super actor and he is even convinced that he can change the opinion of a casting director even though he is not chosen for the role. That is why he is a Wikidult actor because he can touch vagina’s to feed his wet dreams. Be aware… this individual is not thrustworthy and is full of negativity and bad intents. He roams the streets of Toronto with his plastic bag of toileteries. He travels often to Domincan Republic, Hawaii and claims to have a friend in L.A. He couchsurfs in Vancouver. Stay away from this naked amoebe.

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