Fahrin Jaffer is at it Again

October 21, 2014 Toronto 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Fahrin Jaffer in Toronto is a vile creature with a hideous looking monster NOSE who routinely engages in sexual intimacy with various married men through extramarital affairs. Fahrin Jaffer almost coerced my hubby of 4 years into having a casual fling after she applied for a job at his law firm but wasn’t hired. Fahin Jaffer is a complete fraud and a compulsive liar who has sent out over a hundreds of resumes to many law firms but upon quick discovery of her series of misrepresentations, blatantly obvious lies and unethical conduct, she is not offered an interview. For example, Fahrin Jaffer states she went to “New York University” but upon a quick call for verification, they stated that Fahrin Jaffer never attended that top ranked law school. Another example is how Fahrin Jaffers shamelessly lists that she is a “Litigation Associate at D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP” but a quick review of the firm’s website confirms that Fahrin Jaffer never even worked there. No wonder this despicable slut Fahrin Jaffer is almost 40 years old, unemployed, unmarried, unattractive and goes for men who are taken. Nik, put this skanky whore Fahrin Jaffer on blast so that vulnerable married men don’t fall victim to her prey.

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Dunn Played With

October 20, 2014 Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik his dirty slut is jessie dunn, she tries to play all nice ans innocent when really shes the dirtiest hoe around. She will do anything to get fcked n even lie to you n tell you she has nothing. She is disgusting n her pussy stinks with the stds shes carrying, she juat turned 20 n probably has 100 kills, will lie about absolutely everything, as long aa she can get her way for the time, she has a new bf every other week in which she spreads her disgusting diseases too, this bitch needs to get the fck outta the city, no one wants her here that dirt ball. If you see her stay the fuck away or hit her with the first thing.you have this hoe needs to be taught a lesson

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Sadaf and her Sidekick

October 20, 2014 Mississauga, Toronto 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who: Sadaf Ahmadzai (also likes to go by Sadaf Khanoom) and Pakiza Yadgar (Pakiza Why) What: Nik, these girls are the scum of Mississauga. Both Afghan (which explains their nasty behavior) and both have been run through like trains. Sadaf has no post secondary education, claims she is a make up artist, and has had every Pakistani and Indian guy run through her. She even dated a married man once who was twice his age and had kids (name: Samir)! Her mom has had enough (she couldn’t control Sadaf since her Dad got sent to jail for assault) and has married her off to Wais Ebadi who knows NOTHING of her past. Pakiza is one of those girls that walks around with a hijab with her ass and tits hanging out. Again, every Paki has run through her (she even got anal’d so bad that her anus ripped–there’s hospital documents to prove it!) Once again, her parents (who work at Kabul Farm–avoid that place like the plague, hygiene is a big issue there) had enough of her whoring ways and married her off to some balding Afghan loser who’s about 5 ft 1. Nik, but these girls on blast so the world knows them for what they truly are-tacky peasants.

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Single And Ready To Mingle

October 19, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amy Morandin is back on the market. Women in Barrie lock up your husbands because this wh*re is ready to play. She just finished ruining a relationship between Justin Robitaille and the mother of his child. Will you be next? Remember guys shes DRD positive, and crazy as f*ck!

Will some fat guy please buy Amy Morandin some +2′s. It will help her stomach region tremendously.- nik

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Meet Player Nick

October 17, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Nick Williams, a good looking light skin who seems like hes in love with every girl he meets but its all an act to get it in. He is a low life who is 23 and lives with his father with no job and no car. Drive his fathers Mercedes and acts like he owns it but he cant even afford to put gas. He was in college for 3 years trying to graduate high school but told his boys that he was taking business. The most embarrassing thing about this guy is his rap skills ……… he thinks he’s going to be trey songz or something This is mainly for the girls, dont want you to fall for a fool like him.

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Kielly Sauve

October 15, 2014 Toronto 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: So NIK ive seen this bitch on here and i see lots of MISTAKES on who she really is. So this bitch does in face have a HUGE set of chompers and LOVE’S to use it behind the phone or computer. Definitely not to yo face!. This waste loves to denies ever doing cocaine and swears buy the bible shes a angle wen in fact 100% she’s NOT. Shes the type to lie about her lies and women beating men.and haven custody of her 5 kids actually I shall say minus one due to letting her “visit” some family member who molested her daughter and now has lost her older child to C.a.s.shes lost all her kids to the baby dad and bby dads grama. She loves abortions…loves loves THEM. Bitch WTF is wrong with u.never hear of birth control. Idiot. Anyways shes Vanier trash. Still lives in v.a. and.claims shes not living in v.a. yet she lives on Granville street..she plays her men. She escorting. Goes by the name Andrea. Back page. She uses her kids money on beer and never on her poor kids. Kielly u fcking need help bitch. Ur ratchet man.u picking women beaters over ur own flesh and blood?? Ur family and mom is fcked and useless.ur fake as they come girlie girl. Ur skinny as fuck u must puke ur food or itsprprobably definitely all that cocaine that u pick over ur own kids. Ur a sad excuse for a mother thats for sure. Ur worst then a dead beat. Ur waste u have no life no class no ass no boobs. ..nothing going for u.this bitch will act and b tough over the internet but I bet u this lil twig would run!!! Definitely. Ive known her to start beef then wen confronted runs and hides behind doors. Eat a steak u fucking cox hungry coke head bitch. Keep on being watcha ur good at and thats a dead beat. .keep fcking these r andoms then running bk to ur bby dad at night. Also instead of spending ur kids money on going to Toronto with craig u might wanna pay some child support to cindy for she takes care of them kids u loon..so peeps this is the REAL kielly..even spelt right.

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Megan Damours

October 15, 2014 Toronto, Winnipeg 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Man, this girl is a total fcking hoe bag. She sucks, fuks, swallows, and even does the occasional rim job. She is a real lovely girl to be around, never ends with her sexuality because she cant get love, so she bangs for it. Megan D’amours is a total hoe.

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October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Toronto 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Mohammad this guy goes on plenty of fishes to use women for sex.He will never spend money on u cause his ass is always brook, cant work a job for more than two days. Makes up lies that he goes to school to be a PSYCHOANALYST I meant him in Edmonton and now according to his profile he moved to Toronto hes always different cities looking for pssy. Do not believe anything on his profile he does not drive a car because he cannot afford one. Claims he lives as a king when he don’t have shit and that his parents are Somali Diplomats(Somalia don’t have government)DUMBASS!!!He doesn’t even have a cell phone SAD LIFE. He is the most fucked up person I have ever meant in my life and he is a pathological liar.

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