My Man Is Obsessed With Holly Dolly

July 31, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 55

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my boyfriend has always been very open about other girls and how hot they thinks they are.  We go out on dates and when we see one walking by, he will tell me how hot she is and how nice her butt is and blah blah blah. Anyway, since he found this Holly Dolly girl on IG he keeps telling me to go blonde and drop some weight.  It has never bothered me until now, because he brings her up daily.  I weight 24o so there is no way I will be able to ever look like her, so is he thinking about her the whole time we make love?

If you weigh 240 it is impossible for him to be thinking about Holly during intercourse… even if he closes his eyes, your body parts are not realistic enough. I think you are safe.- nik

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Sham Idrees is a JOKE

July 30, 2014 Toronto 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sham Idrees strikes again…there’s no limit to how low this guy will sink. This wannabe Pakistani singer has proved what a desperate loser he is. It’s no secret that he has 0 talent, a fcked up past and overall shady character. In the past he claimed that he was related to ‘Zayn Malik’ from OneDirection and even created a fake news page reporting it. Honestly, if that was the case don’t you think he would have been famous for something already? I happened to stumble across his Twitter recently and noticed that he retweeted Zayn saying ‘Thanks for listening CUZ’. He really needs to grow the hell up, get a real job and stop acting like such a cheap fob.

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Fatima The Escort

July 30, 2014 Toronto 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Fatima the fattest Bennett. This girl has not 1 but 2 but 3 CHILDREN she doesn’t have custody of. CAS took her 2 first boys away because she was escorting. and when she had baby number 3 cas gived her a chance, what does this dumb bitch do, moves to a bachelor apartment with her son for a full year and escort while her son right there in the crib, rumours has it she get payed more when the kids watch. how can she left pedofile around her children. she claim she the BEST mommy ever, but yet she never changes the youngest diaper at all, she has no education, the child eat his own doodoo, she done line of coke on the coffee table in front of the crib, and smoke weed in the same room (bachelor apartment ). but she honestly the WORST…. CAS finnaly took her 3rd child away… RIGHT ON .

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Holly Morgan Shwarz

July 30, 2014 Toronto 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: FYI on this useless piece of gutter trash – if you want to date a chick who will do nothing for you except make YOU pay attention to her 24/7 while she sits around on her fucking ass doing shit all … then this is the girl for you! This slut goes through relationships about as quick as she downs her liquor, but only if you have something to offer her. She is a lazy spoiled cnt who will only associate with people if they can elevate her popularity in the gay community, and give her Facebook cred. She is a rat-face looking midget bitch who sucks the fat clit-penis of her transgendered boyfriend, in exchange for being able to post their life up on Facebook to make her feel like she’s actually important in this world. I feel sorry for her current “boyfriend” who is obviously desperate enough to basically do everything for her without realizing that he’s being used. Holly gets to sit around all day in la-la land, sponging off anyone who is dumb enough to allow it… while the rest of the world works hard for their money and accomplishments. All she has to do is spread her worn out pussy and she gets a fiance and a house. What happens when no one is paying attention to their relationship anymore? Holly is probably going to get bored of playing fake housewife and go off and find someplace more exciting. Sorry, not sorry.

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She Is So Arrogant

July 29, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl goes around beggin for EVERY pimp to take her in and no one wants this nasty girl calling them daddy.  No band on her finger only around her ankle this dirty girl is on house arrest. She swears she is the hottest girl in Toronto… girl please.

I always find it weird when girls wear socks during sex.- nik

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Male Gold digger

July 29, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Darlington Sackor aka dee, and if you’ve met him you already know what it is. I was dating this guy for 2 months and in that duration of time I’d have to pay for everything. I even went as far as to pay for his clothes.. He’d use the excuse that he had sent most of his pay cheque back to Ghana and still had to pay rent. I felt sry for him and would put up the cash. It turns out he had a girl the whole time and was using me just for money. I later did even more research on this guy and it turns out I’m not the only one he played. He had girls from as far as Vancouver sending money to him. He’d also lie about his age and the fact he had a kid. Beware… he may only come into your life to take your money.

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Jay Mill

July 29, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet jay mill aka Jeffrey, He’s 28 yrs old and tried to tell my 17 year old friend that he was 19 . According to a baby mom of his.. he has a different girl at his apartment every night and she’s walked in on several different occasions. But wait that’s not his only baby moms. . He’s got a other girl pregnant in Toronto. . The two women are apparently due a few weeks apart. And let’s not forget how he gave my sister and drd. Beware looks can kill!

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Delusional Trust Fund Sleeze

July 29, 2014 San Diego, Toronto 295

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl sits on the internet all day posting deodorant of herself and her dog. She constantly needs reassurance from others and all she does is bitch about her make up and talks shit about how she works out and needs toget new skin care products. She has no job but drives a Benz. Her family must be wealthy because her mother decorated some house that’s been featured in magazines. She lost a veneer and had the courage to post a self ie with it missing. Apparently she’s from southern California and does nothing productive. Must be nice to have had family that owned slaves hundreds of years ago that pretty much made that money that got passed down all these years just so you can blow it on make up that you can’t apply properly.

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