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Holly Evans

December 9, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Holly is this psycho girl I dated last month. She works for her family and is your typical spoiled rich kid. Whatever, I didn’t care. I met her at a party she was drunk as hell, and after she blew my friend, she sucked me off like I never felt before, so I got her number. Well, she kept calling and calling and texting me hardcore man! She was to crazy for me so I had to cut her off. But I want everyone to know that she will uck anyone as long as you have money. She wanted a pair of these stupid horse riding boots and her dad wouldn’t give them to her. So she hit me up for them if she let me have anal with her! She is a total whore and complete nut! Just fck her and leave her like me and so many have also done.

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Beware Rico Barnes

November 17, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham, Mobile 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hes on dating sites now.looking.for lady to scam use abuse and suck off…he now has 5 kids , mine being most recent, and he 11mnths old… Beware ppl he sells cr*ck and will.get at your under age.daughters too

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Joe Kueneman

November 4, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy right here is JOE KUENEMAN or “joe kantbserious” on Facebook. This low life scum is so dirty! He literally goes after the grossest chicks ever because decent looking girls won’t fall for it. He is literally DTF, he’ll let you stick anything up his hairy arsehole. He has herpies but knowingly sleeps with everyone. Not only does he share his dirty disease but he is also a woman beater. I heard that he slapped his ex gf out good and had a no contact order on him. He should get raped in jail for thinking he is some type of man. I know for a fact that he is going after younger girls and has the unfortunate “pleasure” to call his new squeeze his gf who looks like she’s 17. Watch out ladies, this guy is a loser. Mad anger issues, anal fetish, drd, arsehole and lives of his parents. Joe you are a loser and deserve nothing but the worst. Spreading filth in fort rouge!! Thank god you don’t roll in your broken car anymore.

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Brent Wayne

October 16, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vine Arab Alabama’s finest bro…Looks more like a robin to me.

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Infamously Will Struggling Model

July 28, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is getting more and more known for embarrassing himself and shocking people I feel he is just crying out for help and it’s truly sad don’t believe me? Look at his instagram it’s infamouslywill see another amanda bynes insane person most likely using drugs oh and he even has the same arm tattoo of wings as amanda bynes did

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Northshore Slore

May 30, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik does she look better before or after her +2s? She will sleep with anyone that gives her attention especially on tte first night! Surprised she aint knocked up yet. She doesny care if they guy she ia talking to is single or married. I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. Would u

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Used Next

May 15, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thought this girl was beautiful already, then she had to go get a boob job. I thought she looked great pre boob job. Wish she could see how beautiful she really is. Stop being so insecure my babygirl.

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Drunk Mom

May 14, 2014 Alabama 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this mother has the resemblance of a preop tranny, she doesn’t work, lives with her parents, and receives excessive child support. Her child\’s teeth are literally rotting out. His legs are covered in bruises, and his bedtime is around 2 am. She leaves him with her relatives, friends, or occasionally the child\’s father while she goes out drinking. She drinks while he’s with her also, and makes sure to post her exploits on Facebook along with her opinions of herself being a great mom! Pretty sure she’s gone les too from the way she poses with her girlfriends. She also caught an drd from a relatives ex husband! I fear for her child’s well being!

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