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She Is A Favorite At The University Of Idaho

August 20, 2011 The Dirty, University Of Idaho 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Kelsey Corney.  She was a freshmen last year at Idaho. She banged just about every guy in our dorm. She is fake as can be and think she is a perfect 10. What do you think?

She looks real to me… who brought the Orange sauce to Idaho?- nik

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Oompa Loompa Cheesecake

June 15, 2011 Seattle, University Of Idaho 3

Oompa Loompa cheesecake

Oompa Loompa cheesecake

Oompa Loompa cheesecake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, take a look at this cheesecake. This is your stereotypical Dale Boy here at the U of I. This kid Chris insists he’s not gay when in reality, he is the BIGGEST flamer in town; a purse falls out of his mouth every time he talks!! He even has a boyfriend. As you can see he suffers from serious tanorexia. The worst part though is how this fruit constantly brags about how much money he has, how his parents fly him around in his private helicopter, and how he got a nose job!! What straight man has ever gotten a nose job? Please tell me that. I gotta know Nik, what do you think?

Someone who flew around in a private helicopter wouldn’t have a pile of trash bags in their living room…just some forgy big mouth.- nik

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Gross Noura

April 20, 2011 University Of Idaho, Would You? 31

Gross ho

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty slag’s name is Noura. She goes to North Idaho College and works at the newspaper. Tries to play like she’s all innocent and studious but she’s a nasty scamming trick who went home with a black dude she met in NY on a school trip, then returned to change her shirt before leaving for a different guy’s hotel room. She happens to believe she is some sort of exotic beauty and journalism genius. Hey guess what? You go to a community college in Northern Idaho, and you’re not even close to attractive. Hey Nik, how ’bout it? Would ya?

Answer: No, her “exotic”curls can’t distract me from her abnormally large forehead.

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Fake Friend Home Wrecker

January 6, 2011 Seattle, University Of Idaho 4

Home wrecker

Home wrecker

Home wrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this skank pretended to be my friend, I meant her last winter with her then boy friend Josh her name is Cherie Gutierrez , well I liked her and invited her over for drinks, and over the last year we have hung out a few times and I noticed that she was always trying to wear short a*s butt cheek showing skirts when she would come over, I just blew it off, because I know how some females are. Well about two months ago her man packed up and got the hell out of Idaho has not called her or anything, so i felt bad for her invited her out on new years 2011..I got a funny  feeling that night between her and my husband, didnt know what to think so I waited a couple days and went through his picture mail on line and sure enough I found a half naked picture of this b*tch on his picmail, and several other pictures of her and 1 of her new nails. come to find out this b*tch and that punk a*s husband of mine have been talking behind my back for over a month….she is the worst of the worst she is fake as hell and a sloot to the core…straight dirty! I have attached the pictures found on his account, I am not only heart broken I am angry and want to warn any female that ever comes in contact with her to watch your man.

I think she has the Carl Jr. logo tattooed on her arm.- nik

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To Shim, Or Not To Shim

December 10, 2010 University Of Idaho 9

To Shim, or not to Shim

To Shim, or not to Shim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slooty shim hails from the great NW, Coeur d’Alene ID. My guess is that if more people were familiar with the INTERWEBBBS, she would have been up here ages ago. Meet Sabs. She is a poacher, boyfriend stealer (humper, rather). Although she slept with what WAS my boyfriend a few years ago, I wasn’t aware of this site until recently. She has been known to brag around town that she’s a model with a lot of contracts coming her way.. photo shoots that she does. Like, really… ??????????? As you can tell she gained what seems like an unimaginable amt of weight in a short time.. (even when she was thin, STILL don’t get why men would toss her a bone) Haha would you?

Not to shim, that is the answer.- nik

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Needs To Go On Blast

November 18, 2010 Boise State, University Of Idaho 4

Nik, Please put this girl on blast!!!

Nik, Please put this girl on blast!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Will someone please inform this B***H that she is NOT HOT!!!! She sleeps with anyone anytime!!! She’s one of those girls who thinks if you let a guy do WHATEVER he wants to you then he’ll love you. From what I hear she’s let guys tag team her, “P” in her mouth and even gave a guy a bj after he did her in the A**! She is truly a nasty Wh**e!

She should be nominated for worst tattoos, the faces on her leg are terrible.- nik

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Uidaho’s Finest

December 29, 2009 University Of Idaho 1

Uidaho's Finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Aaron Fon***. He went to UIdaho since 18 and finally just graduated at 28!! He’s now almost thirty, still sloppy… as you can tell by his room, is tryin to teach elementary school, and tries to be topless any chance he can get. Sometimes he rocks a neck beard also. He’s a really nice guy tho but does wonder why he’s still single. Anyways just wondering what you thought about him Nik?

What a winner.- nik

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Beware Of This Douchebag

December 28, 2009 University Of Idaho 3

Beware of this douchebag

Beware of this douchebag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this douchebag M*ke H*nsi**er would send me nasty photos like these. He claimed he was a “body builder” and this guy would cry all the damn time. He goes around stalking girls on myspace and a lot of his pictures his mom would take. He is horrible in bed and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gay. So beware!

Beware of not be dumb enough to sleep with someone like this, he probably has cameras set up in his room.- nik

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