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Memorial Day Weekend In Vegas

April 23, 2012 Las Vegas, Scottsdale, The Dirty, University Of Virginia, Washington DC 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- I need the rundown of where to go for Memorial Day weekend in Vegas this year. My girlfriends and I are staying at the Cosmopolitan and getting a table there one night. The problem is, one of the girls is a Vegas newbie and will not stop emailing me these stupid links for Vegas deals. Every hour I get another link from her. She even is insisting on going to the Palms because she still thinks Playboy is relevant. We love her- she’s a calendar girl (so all bust and no brains) but she won’t listen to me when I tell her that is not the way to go. She is gonna need to hear it from you Nik. Please lay it out for her and help save my vacation!

Why don’t you just hang out with us on the grass at Wet Republic? Email [email protected] (hot chicks only).- nik

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Virginia Trash

May 26, 2010 Dirty Army Strong, Richmond, University Of Virginia 3



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Holly Su***an cannot just be married to her husband she had to sleep with mine too shes a trashy dirty whore who will sleep with any one in the marine corp shes from Stafford Virgina left her husband to be with every other guy on the earth i feel bad for her daughter!  oh let me just say that we not only lived together i took care of her daughter and she was my best friend yeah ….SKANK. better yet she now lives with my husband..(shes wearing red).

That sucks, I feel sorry for you. But what can you expect when you become best friends with a sloot.- nik

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I Am Coming To Richmond Virginia B*tches

April 15, 2010 Richmond, The Dirty, University Of Virginia, VCU 0

This city loves to hate me more than any other.  I am pumped to drink your wine and sacrifice your women.

Come kick it with me at Lucky Buddha… Get your IMMUNITY!

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Real Vs Fake… Is This SGM

April 6, 2010 Scissor Gang Mafia, University Of Virginia, USC, Washington DC 11

Real vs Fake... Is this SGM?

THE DIRTY ARMY: I need some clarification here Nik. My friend and I were at this party and these guys wanted us to snap a pic of themselves. Are they real or fake because they sure do seem to think they are something… Look out for these guys on campus UVA!!!

Fake, 2 of them look like they live on the streets, stunner shades and I think ones  retarded.- nik

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Charlottesville Has A Lot To Offer

February 23, 2010 Richmond, University Of Virginia 29

charlottesville has a lot to offer

charlottesville has a lot to offer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these dirty girls think they run Charlottesville. The noodle mix (april m) thinks she is a model, and that her sh*t don’t stink. She f*cked her best friends boyfriend, and then tried to deny it. Her and her little gang of gremlins like to go to Richmond and DC clubs, and act like they own the place. Asides from the mac forcefield all these b*tches slap on their face every morning, they all wear extensions that came from the dollar tree. So please put these stupid b*tches on blast. with love, charlottesville.

They all look like Jersey chasers to me.- nik

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UV Sloot

October 2, 2009 University Of Virginia 4

university of virginia whore

university of virginia whore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a wh*re. i want her to be exposed as the wh*re she is, her name is allie.

She must be hot by Virginia standards.  Personally I don’t see how anyone could get past the awful nose.- nik

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Confirmed: 9/11 Jokester Chad Brown is FORGY

September 14, 2009 Richmond, The Dirty, University Of Virginia 28

Confirmed: 9/11 jokester Chad Brown is FORGY

Confirmed: 9/11 jokester Chad Brown is FORGY

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it has been confirmed that 9/11 comedian and emo-extraordinaire Chad Brown is gay.  I wonder if his boyfriend thinks 9/11 is so funny?

If you missed it… I had a very disturbing post up Friday night on 9-11 about this tool bag.  Make sure you click the link below to share your thoughts.- nik

Also See: 9/11 Is A Joke Potluck Party

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VA Psycho Boy

July 22, 2009 Richmond, The Dirty, University Of Virginia, Virginia Tech 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, My name is Stacy and I live in Virginia Beach, VA.  I found your site from a friend in Richmond and just wanted to let you know it is blowing up out here.  That being said, I need your help.  I went out to a local bar one night and met this guy Paul.  He seemed like a pretty normal guy, we chit chatted a little and I gave him my number before I left.  He started to call me and things got weird really fast.  I asked him what he did and he told me he was a model and a naturalist.  I had no idea what he meant but he kept asking me if I wanted to be his Jane and we could live in a cabin in the woods and he would kill our food and cook it.  That was when I knew he went off the deep end.  So today I get an e-mail from him showing me his pictures and asking again if I wanted to be his Jane again.  I keep telling him to leave me alone but he won’t!  Can you let him know I am not interested and don’t want to be his Jane and that he is freaking me out.  Thanks Nik.

Paul, can you please leave Stacy alone and go after your true calling which is MALES.  Your pictures scream Sword-Fighter, not Tarzan.- nik

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