What Is This Mess

July 18, 2013 Billings, Dirty Craigslist, University Of Montana 2 6,745 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Can anyone explain what these are?

Hillbillies.- nik

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Missoulas Used Trash

November 29, 2012 Missoula, University Of Montana 59 10,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is known for being the trashiest slut around Missoula. She only like guys that have alot of money and give her what she wants. She recently got her boobs done because she slept with an old man who lives in white fish and owns a contruction buisness. Her recent dui makes everyone wonder if she is prostituting because she was found with a bag full of condoms when the officer pulled her over! Along with that she contracted drds from an old ex and has given it to several guys!!! She is notorious for sending naked pictures that are all around our town. She has nakeed pictures with other girls in it with her!!! I dont’ know about you but I don’t think this girl is at all cut out to be what she thinks she is!!! Fake EVERYTHING!! she draws her eyebrows on, recently got lip injections, botox and fake boobs!!! There is nothing real about her!! HEr boobs look terrible way to big for her body and they have massive scars and bumps. She seems to think she is hott shit but missoula thinks she is just a fake dirty trashy drd slut. She wears too much makeup to cover up her all her chin acne!! She is just gross and way to cocky for her std smelling vagina and fake everything!!! Just was curious what you thought.

What are those, boils?? lets get a face to go along with this catastrophe.- nik

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Montana Chuck

October 10, 2012 Billings, University Of Montana 2 8,212 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl Chrystal has been with countless guys. Rumor has it she also has multiple drds which surprises no one. She thinks she’s the hottest thing ever when she’s really white trash. She works as a lingerie model when she has no tits and actually participated in a lingerie fashion show while pregnant in a wedding dress! That just screams trashy. Girl you need to quit spreading your legs and take care of your child!

She reminds me of dentures(not sure why).- nik

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One Night Stand I Wish I Never Had

March 9, 2012 Missoula, University Of Montana, Would You? 40 6,819 Views

Walking STD: The one night stand I wish I'd never had

Walking STD: The one night stand I wish I'd never had

Walking STD: The one night stand I wish I'd never had

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, She looks pretty decent at first right…Picked this chick up at a party not to long ago, she was down for a good ass pounding and maybe a little girl on girl action, what could go wrong. Didn’t think much of it since my dick was doing the thinking for me that night….MISTAKE! A few weeks later I go to take a piss outside a bar and it burns like a mother fucker…I ignored it A few days after that my dick started itching and oozing…Doctor confirms it’s the CL*P.  Unfortunatly for me this is the only girl I’ve managed to get it in with in the last 3 months…What I thought was my lucky day was actually to good to be true. So here’s my question to you, WOULD YOU with this nasty, dick hungry, c*mbucket of a tw*t?

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Toolbag Of The Year

December 13, 2010 University Of Montana 28 5,287 Views

Toolbag of the year!

Toolbag of the year!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Only in good ol Montana could you stumble upon a douchebag like this! He is the shortest meathead west of the mississippi! He works out at Golds Gym with his little posy of meatheads that think there are built, its F****ing pathetic to watch these guys. So Kevin put down the needles and pills! So if you ever get a chance stop by Golds in the evening sometime and you might get to see these embarrassments posing down in the gym taking pictures of each other! LOL F***ing pathetic.

He looks like a fatter version of mr. 615., I don’t understand what he was going for in the bottom pic.- nik

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Beautiful Hooters Brunette

February 10, 2010 The Dirty, University Of Montana, Would You? 38 5,588 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik…may have found your perfect girl. this is Brittney C. She is a HOOTERS girl. She was praised in the local newspaper for making it into the Hooters 2010 calendar this year. She is super nice, and her aspirations are to be in Maxim and Sports Illustrated. She works out everyday, and is tanner than Snooki. She just got her +2s done..I know you’re going for brunettes this year so would you?’

Answer:  No, the scouts at Hooters need to focus.  Ladies if you are going to waste you money on +2′s please shoot for 450cc’s or higher.  Small +2′s just make your legs look fat like this girl.

[IMAGE:  HootersCalendar]

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Oops I Crapped My Pants!

August 2, 2009 Montana State, The Dirty, University Of Montana 49 9,836 Views

Nothing Slimier than a 2 bit whore holding a fish, huh Nik? Wutcha think of one of montana's Finest that shit her pants last summer at a party?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is there anything slimier than a 2 bit wh*re holding a fish? Wutcha think of one of montana’s Finest that sh*t her pants last summer at a party?

Looks like she is into Old Men.- nik

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May 15, 2009 University Of Montana 3 7,312 Views

clinton-copyTHE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Clinton.  I sure hope that that is a real tattoo, although it suits him weird and creepy.  This guy is a sloppy drunk who just lurks around and stands around you  staring at you and smiling.  Is that a blue worm or what.

I would love to know that explanation behind this stupid mistake (both him and the tattoo).- nik

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