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Cara Austin

November 27, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well mss fcking cara austin you should get a life and quit trying to ruin other peoples lives with yur jelous cbildish bull shit you post on here about here and my bab y moma saying were drug addics and we dont take care of outlr daughter well wheres your kids you dope simple crayon eating clown shoe wearing goof whore youd fuck anyone for a toot on a glass dick like havin fu ezcorting anyone looking for a fck phone cara () heads up thats if you want a dead fuck and all this bcs she cheated on me and broke up with me and now shes a crazy jelous bitch because i wont talk to her and im moving on and want my babby moma back kinda fucked dont u think fuck cara what is wrong with you well if your into saggy tits and a gunt and a controlling needy whiny disceitful goof bitch caras your girl have a goof life you fucking nutjob you think your always right too bad your fuckimg dumb as a door kmob have fun being alone for the rest of your pathetic life shure yull be living in a card boarwd box doing the hastings shuffle ……..

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Van City Trash

November 26, 2014 Vancouver 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is the definition of dirt!!! . Right here we have a girl that is long overdue to be called out. She’s a junkie two faced watch out for this One she will steal you stuff . I Lived with her for Awhile and worst mistake ever !!! This girl needs to stop drinking and making a fool of herself get a real job instead of selling her loose pussy for money $$

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Pathetic Douche Alert

November 26, 2014 Vancouver 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, here’s another dirt bag for the masses. This isn’t Justin Erickson’s first time on here but I felt he was due for another appearance. Creepy, dirty, poor, freeloader, bum, Asshat are only a few of the words one could use to describe this fake human being. Currently living in Vancouver BC this wannabe musician spends his time by shoving large objects in his mouth and seeing how deep it will go. “Borrowing” money is another one of his specialties, just a freeloading scumbag with no future, keep scrubbing the those pools big guy. Not sure how this ugly mug ever gets a date but be warned girls(or guys for that matter) Justin has a few unwanted gifts to give in the bedroom that nobody would want to revive. So everybody take a good look at this past due abortion and remember the face, Justin Erickson is a Pathetic doucher so let him know. Thanks Nik

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Alesha Ricketts

November 26, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little whore is only 18 years old and came to town less then 2 months ago. She is the greasiest, nastiest, infested and apparently stinkiest p*ssy around. She has been hopping from cock to cock and destroying relationships. This little cum dumpster slore has seen more dick ends then weekends and is currently sucking the dicks of at least 4 guys in the small town of mackenzie, she prefers guys that give her drugs or just straight up pay her but has been known to toss out a freebie or 10. Its disgusting to watch this chick befriend girls to get closer to their men and then try and steal them ( ya u carrie) give ur head a shake she has been blowing your hubby since day one now he is buying her presents, soon u will be getting kicked to the curb)I personally witnessed this slut leave one guys bed to go fck his friend . Nik this bitch needs a wake up call! She tried to get my man but no luck, sry sweetie )She says she came here from Vancouver to help her dying father but instead has only managed to fck all of his friends until he left in shame. Go home Alesha everybody’s already had a turn.

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Slooty Wives

November 26, 2014 Vancouver 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for meagan she sends you her pictures, when you tell her your going to tell her husband she puts you on this website ! About time Karma bites her in her ass

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Who is she?

November 26, 2014 Vancouver 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found this pic on my (ex) bfs phone. I want to find out who she is. She knew my bf was in a relationship so I\’m kinda pissed but at the same time she helped me realize what a creep he was too. Thanks DA!

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Watch of for these Old Men

November 25, 2014 Vancouver 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: These grose ass pedo looking fcking only hits on boys that look like the 15 and younger, i spent the night over at his place after wathing movies and woke up to him trying to grab my dick while sleeping, when i woke up he asked me if i would he could pay me $20 to suck his dick. This guy is nothing but a grose fuck, who pisses out of his window waisted onto oncoming people walking down davie street. Nothing but a waist of skin, who s on EI and sits on his ass.

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She has many GoPros

November 25, 2014 Hollywood, Vancouver 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman cannot be trusted. She uses guys for whatever she can and will tell you everything you want to hear and up and leave you as soon as she finds someone with more money. She is all about $$$ and her hustle. She may seem like a sweetheart when you meet her but she will up and ignore you for weeks without reason!! I gave her everything she wanted and it still couldnt satisfy Esther. She has a drinking problem and eating disorder too. If you think you can change her forget it. She only want to party and travels all over the world so you can only guess what she does for that. She will make you her GoPro and up and leave you soon as she finds someone better. Dont trust her!

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