Brittany Skye Marshall

July 24, 2014 Vancouver 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik this is Brittany. Pentictons biggest sloot! She goes from guy to guy spreading her legs and the cl**. She’s been with all the scummiest guys ( Anthony Werden, Brannick. R, Garrett Kilby, Chris Larose, Joshua Munro, exc.) She has been with 40+ guys and is beyond used up. To top it off she is a crystal m*th addict and smoking it is really been taking its toll. Everyone in this town hates her because all she does is steal, lie, and manipulate her way through life. STAY FAR AWAY!!

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Roaming Jeremie

July 24, 2014 Vancouver 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I met this guy name Jeremie at a party. I thought I would play it cool and get to know him, he knew exactly what to say and i thought he was quite cute. I asked him if he was in a relationship or single, he replied “SINGLE” by the end of night we hooked up. A week after I started to hear rumors about this guy, how he had a girl friend for some time and not only that but that he has been hooking up with a lot of other girls and lying about it. With that information i went and got my self tested, to my shock this guy is dirty. I have no idea of the girls this guy has been with or who his girlfriend is. This guy is a liar, a cheater…and going around hooking up with other women and passing on a drd….I only feel bad for the woman who is his girl friend because my guess is that she has no idea who she is in a relationship with and not only that but to find out over a social site. Ladies this is my story so please be aware of this guy.. I managed to find his facebook profile picture. Pass this on so other women know who he is and don’t catch what he’s giving out freely..

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Fondling Noodle

July 23, 2014 Vancouver 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: On July 21 there was this asian fellow who came in with another gentleman to No5 Orange. Their body was drenching alcohol. These two gentleman are the customers we like most. loud but not rude. Kept buying rounds of shots. Were excellent tippers. Treated themselves to the special services. It was a win for all since they had a good time, while the girls were pleased with the $$ they were making. The next day, one of the males came back, alone this time. He has a loud voice and was always cheering for the ladies, so that made everyone else in the room open up. He continually pounded his shots. Buying rounds for everyone. He got rowdy and took off his shirt. One of the girls decided to approach him to ask if he wanted a private room. he accepted. He was willing to blow his money on these beautiful women. He began to get very aggressive and wouldn’t stop groping the girls. it got to the extent that they both wanted sexual intercourse so he had to get escorted out. he ended up passing out while wrestling the bouncer and was sitting at the entrance until sober. I was disgusted with his actions and the words coming from his mouth. He seemed very normal and sane but he was another greasy pig in disguise. i found who was and wanted to post his outrageous ass on here. didn’t anyone teach you how to respect a girl?

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Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Know

July 23, 2014 Vancouver 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Sasha Stone, or Sasha Diamond! her bf doesn’t know shes an escort! heres some new gossip about a girl who is pyscho but thinks shes so great! what do you have to say now sasha?

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Jamieson Kevin Arias AKA Gary Lee

July 23, 2014 Vancouver 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: His real name is Jamieson Kevin Arias, he goes by Gary Le and perhaps other names. This person is actually a articulated and well spoken. A con-artist in perfection. What really bothers me about this individual is that he is using his charm, good looks, to not only cheat on his girlfriend  apparently he is looking for love and you are the one. He will call you 5 times a day, text you until your phone dies and his hook is pillow talk. I don’t know how he is able to pull off late night phone calls when he is living with Olivia Lundahl. He constantly talks about how large his penis, however according to sources, it\’s the size of our thumb fully erected. When I I found out Gary Lee is actually Jamieson Kevin Arias, he was confronted, and his response was that he was using Jamieson photo as if Jamieson is not him, then sent me a lame photo from 2 years ago, when dude has an iPhone 6 ? He refused to send me an actual photo. Later after investigation, we foud out Gary Le aka Jamieson has been pulling this stunt for many years and is getting away with it. The ugly part is that he only pray after single mothers or woman with children. He talks to the children as if he really cares, but I honestly believe he could be a person that pray on young children. He has two children of his own and claims they are his nieces and nephews. We just wanted to let everyone know the type of moral going on here.

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Her Boyfriend Needs To Wake Up

July 23, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 64


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Katrina Hodgson. She is the most fake two faced phoney bitch you will ever meet. She plays a goody two shoes and acts like she’s all smart going to school but she is a undercover hoe with a couple sly sugar daddies under the table when her boyfriend is out of town working as a rig pig. Poor guy has no clue that she is a dirty conniving cunning manipulator. How else can you afford fake boobs at that age? She will be nice to your face then talk sh*t behind your back and she is so insecure that all she can do is put down everyone else around her. She has all over her Facebook she’s going to Greece with her boyfriend but little does he know that she takes guys to Greece up her ass when he’s out of town working to take her there. This girl is the most fake bitch and so jealous of everyone around her. She is evil. If you are in her circle of friends, watch your back because guaranteed she’s talking smack about you when you aren’t around and her boyfriend needs to wake up.

Katrina, don’t go to Athens. That city is a sh*thole. Go straight to the islands, sleep in the airport if you have too.- nik

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Is This Guy Special

July 22, 2014 Edmonton, Vancouver 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.. this rapper tyger le.. is he for real or he special? He is from Vancouver BC and now in Edmonton Alberta

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Self Obsessed Nora Shilo Wants All Palestinians Dead

July 22, 2014 Vancouver 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this self obsessed bitch is Nora Shilo. She is one of the many Canadian brainwashed Jewish who are posting propaganda all over facebook and twitter.. my friend (who is also Jewish) told me how she has no empathy for the people who are dying for nothing and how she actually wants the IDF to wipe them out. Expose her please… I’ve come to release to many of these racist pretty faces are hiding in our society. I find it disgusting how anyone Jewish person can behave like this seeing as what happened to them so recently.

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