Shawn Reddy

April 16, 2014 Vancouver 7 7,851 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guys name is Shawn Reddy. He loves taking selfies of himself. More than most girls do. Vancouver is filled with overly self-obsessed individuals and he’s one of them. Doesnt he look like hes wanting to take a shit in his pictures?

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Skanky Mary June Hopkins

April 16, 2014 Vancouver 0 9,674 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is my gurl Mary June Hopkins and she be a loose whoring thief. Just found out shes been f*cking her ex while seeing me, now my ballz are red and f*cking itch crazy. I’m tired of this ho and her backwater drama. I want to put this bitch on blast.

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My Husband Had Every Right To Cheat On Me

April 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 348 65,381 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my husband and I have been together for 8 years and we have 2 beautiful little girls.  Both of us are pretty busy and we rarely find time to have sex, he pretty much asks for it every night but I usually decline him because I’m just tired.  3 weeks ago when he came home late, I went through his phone and found these pictures of a girl he was texting and found out he was just with her at dinner and had sex together at a hotel.  When I spoke with him in the morning, he admitted to cheating on me but have some very good reasons why.  His main one was that I’m not having sex with him and haven’t even gave him a blow job over 2 years and second one is that I let my body go after the pregnancies and he is right.  So when this younger girl approached him from his work, he basically broke down and said they had an incredible night of nothing but sex and passion.  Yes, it hurt to hear him say that, but its for the best.   I’m 40 pounds heavier than I was before my children and haven’t even tried to lose the weight, this whole time my husband has been the best ever.  He does everything for our family and even though I decline him for sex nightly, he is never rude or mean about it, but always tells me that he understands I’m tired and not in the mood… so how can I blame the perfect husband for cheating on me?  I’m the one not satisfying his needs, while he satisfies all mine.  I can’t be mad at him, I can only respect him for being honest and I feel that this will only make our bond even stronger.  Many of my friends think I’m insane for agreeing that he had a great reason to cheat but I have to admit, if I was in his shoes, I would have done the same thing.

You sound like an amazing wife.- nik

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Warning to Women: Mentally Unstable Boy

April 16, 2014 Vancouver 24 5,673 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy approached my friend at the mall. Said he was awkward but wanted to ask for her number. She was cautious but gave her number thinking you never know but there are chances he may be crazy. He messaged her normally at first but then went to crazy town the second day. He wouldn’t stop messaging her and kept on trying to tell her to watch a movie with him on his laptop in his car. She politely told him she wasn’t interested and he reacted by begging her to reconsider then went off the railings and said he lied about his age and only wanted to “bang” her. He tried insulting her by saying she was easy even though she never met up with him because she thought he’d try to murder her and have his way with her dead body. He also told her she was ugly which was a good comeback coming from someone who was evidently mentally ill. When my friend said she wasn’t interested he sent her pictures of himself. He probably thought he was beautiful.

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Lexi Alexander Is A Self Proclaimed “Bimbo”

April 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 16 98,509 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this raunchy, cake faced, self proclaimed “Bimbo” was bound to end up on here sometime. She is the PROUD  ”Queen” of a group of homeless, drug dealing, “rappers” who claim to make money while adding videos of themselves picking up welfare cheques, and taking hits from the bong. Search #lexilife or #queenbee on Instagram and you’ll find endless selfies of this ratchet, the latest of which show her and her boyfriends pupils high on down. Her mullet which she attempts to hide with hair extensions is obvious to all. She’s 21 and all of her friends are between the ages of 15-18. This needs to stop. Worst part is, she used to be really good looking. A warning to all who read this, DON’T DO DRUGS.

I don’t like her wig.- nik

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Raman Toor Thinks she’s Beyoncé

April 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 59 9,632 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Raman Toor… She is Vancouver’s scandolous, dirty sloot. She thinks she’s literally Beyoncé with her ugly, tacky blonde hair. When really she’s just a wannabe white chic. She thinks she’s hardcore and ruthless. But let’s face it Raman, just because ur born with a man’s figure doesn’t mean ur tough sh*t. Nik, u can find this b*tch downtown with her look alike boyfriend. Sometimes you can’t even tell if it’s her boyfriend or brother. This is a case of incest. To make herself feel better she bashes on every other chic. You never know if she’s being fake or real. We all know that ur a fat wh*re, so just stop posting photoshopped pictures of urself to make urself look skinny.. Nik, take this dirty fat chunk of lard off the streets by putting her up on blast.

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Rachet Dead Beat Mom

April 14, 2014 Vancouver 34 6,241 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik, this girl first of all is the most skankiest h*e bag I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. She always seems like sex, probably because that’s ever she does, plus she never showers. I feel bad for her kid because during her pregnancy she was doing her**ne and other things I’m assuming. Her choices, her life, it all wouldn’t matter if her personality wasn’t so annoying and stupid. Stay away from this girl, seriously if you stand next to her you’ll puke because she reeks of nasty dirty fishy smell. Anybody who knows her would say the same thing. This b*tch has no class, her rates are low as f*ck. She’ll have sex with you if you pick her up on Hastings. Instead of paying $100 for class, pay only $10 for trash. This nappy-headed h*oe doesn’t know how to take of herself, let alone her poor child whos in foster care.

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Honey Is Such A Hottie

April 12, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 200 96,439 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this sexy young lady at my gym a few times. Talk about gorgeous! I’m not quite sure what her actual name is, but a guy friend told me that she is an adult webcam model on MyFreeCams under the name melanieroselee (she now goes by Honeysukl). She’s beautiful, fit, and earlier this year she got an amazing set of +2′s. She might be the only woman I’d consider turning lesbian for. The only fault I see with her is that she’s friends with that she-hulk juice head, Azaria Glaim. Anyway, I just wanted to hear what you think Nik?

I think Webcam models have no souls just like Pornstars. They are the same thing. Worthless.- nik

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