Danielle Verdon

September 19, 2014 Victoria 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Danielle Verdon. She likes to pretend she’s the innocent girl next door , and that everybody uses her while pretending to be her friend. Which is probably true considering. She runs around telling lies to ruin people lives and try to rip apart friendships and relationships. She slept with my boyfriend while pretending to be my friend and even called me last week to tell me about how her friend walked in on her having sex with her boyfriend. She also tells me she’s to classy to have sex outside. Too classy for outside, juuuust classy enough to be a homewrecker. Danielle’s favorite hobbies include; talking shit about every single person in her life behind their backs, telling work she needs a day off because her mom died when in reality she’s very much alive, stealing laptops from women in wheelchairs and pawning them and frauding their bank account, talking ishh about people’s children when she doesn’t get her way, calling children’s aid on the kids she’s babysitting because she doesn’t feel like babysitting anymore, stealing clothes off her fuk buddy’s girlfriends and then sitting back and trying to tell everyone she’s better then them. Recently, she caught chla**a and blamed it on every guy she slept with. A lady with her class just doesn’t need to remember or be aware of things like that. My advice? Don’t give this girl half as many chances as I did, considering I’ve fallen a victim to almost all of her shenanigans. Don’t waste your time befriending her no matter how genuine or sincere she may sound when complaining about nobody in her life loving her. I can see why.

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Megan Wells

September 19, 2014 Victoria 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Megan Wells worked for me, I let this sneaky bitch into my home, she played with my children, hung out with me and my husband. She was head games right from the start but I kept giving her chances as an employee. BIG mistake! She started sleeping with my husband and when she didn’t get her way with him she ratted him out to me. She used me and him in her mind fck game. She will use you and your man just to get her fix of drugs! Whore Junkie!!

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DRD Roger

September 18, 2014 Victoria 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this scum low life goof DRD giving drunk indian is Roger J Williams one of Victoria BC’S low life indian population DRUNKS thats all he is good for has 10 or so kids with 6 differrent women he has & still trys to wreck marriages and has the drd and drd he is scum of they earth and hope no one comes across this dirty drunk indian cause he is only after one thing and thats to mess your life up

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Cheating Physcopath

September 16, 2014 Victoria 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all this fcking dirt snake let her dog lick peanut butter out of her rotten snatch.. She’s constantly trying to get everybody to fck her she has aranagatang titties and pankake nipples she send me pics all the time she got fired from our place of work for being such a home wrecking slut to our boss who’s married!!!! He always is talking about putting a restraining order on her physco ass this guy has a fcking wife and children band is 38 years old on top of that she has a boyfriend of 3 years who has no fcking idea what this dirt bag does behind his back putting this on here so every one can know she has a boyfriend and want him to see this so he can dump her disgusting tuna ass!!!! Nobody I mean nobody touch this fcking nasty cnt she’s a walking headcase

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Cheating Navy Scum

September 8, 2014 Victoria 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hiya Nik: This is Steve Leith. He lives in Victoria BC and works with the Canadian Navy. Steve is one of the biggest cheaters there is. He is engaged to this girl named Catherine. She’s a bit of a bigger girl, but really nice. Steve has been cheating on her for years. He is currently sleeping with a girl he works with in the Navy named Tanya. I really hope Catherine wises up soon and realizes that she can do way better. And for any ladies that Steve tries to smooth-talk, please note he is engaged and has been for years.

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Cody Basso

September 4, 2014 Victoria 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cody Anthony Basso has been accused of molesting an 8 year old girl in Burnaby BC. He fled up north to Prince Rupert where his family originates from shortly after. He is now dating a woman with a small daughter. Not only is he disgusting for abusing an 8 year old girl, but he sinks further into perversion by actually seeking out women with children for the sole purpose of abusing them. Put this sick fuck on blast, and all you women with children need to beware!!!

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#RichKids of Victoria

September 4, 2014 Victoria 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Victoria, this is Will. He’s new to the city from the mainland. I met this guy in college a few years ago and we became pretty good friends. He’s a fairly decent guy – so I feel kind of bad posting this… but whatever. You’ve heard of 30k millionaires right? Well… this guy is a ZERO-K millionaire. Seriously. Will is one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met – but he is SO out of touch with reality. His whole life has been handed to him on a silver platter… mommy and daddy payed for his degree. They payed for him to study abroad. They just bought him a new Jeep. To top things off, he just moved into a brand new condo in a pretty exclusive neighborhood. This dude doesn’t make much money at all, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his parents are subsidizing the condo too.

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Campbell Rivers Dirtiest

September 3, 2014 Victoria 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is shyann duncan she just turned 19 and already has a kid and another apparently on the way. The first she doesn’t even know who the dad is or have custody of she lost her kid right after it was born because sh’d rather party and do drugs and fck guys which is what has caused her unfortunate second pregnancy with a guy who just got out of jail and lives with his mom with no job. She was hookin and living on Hastings shortly before she got prego. Shes pregnant in all the photos do you think that’s how a prego mom acts?

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