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Nasty Married Slore

December 19, 2014 Windsor 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Desiree martin of Chatham Ontario. She is a nasty little slut. She fcks random guys in her husbands house. She thinks all man want her. She is a bar star she never spends time with her child. Beware of this girl she is no good she I a nothing but a walking infection

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Emma Kopinak Needs Help

December 18, 2014 Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Emma Kopinak of Wheatley Ontario, not only does she have an addiction to pain killers that she steals from her mom that’s a nurse. She’s a liar and will choose to get fucked over having friends in her life. She’s f*cked someone who she was really good friends withs boyfriend while they were together and still tries to have a relationship with him. She has multiple diseases from sleeping with guys in Sarnia and doesn’t care if the man is taken.

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Liam Montgomery

December 17, 2014 Windsor 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Liam Montgomery one of the most dirtiest guys out there! He gets with girls just to use them for their money, a place to stay, if they have a car use them for that, he doesnt have a job he thinks its okay to sell his thot Alijeanie Wilson for dope, Both Liam and This Thot Alijieane are walking stds they will steal anything from anywhere and anyone that they can sell for a fix, they recently broke into 4 houses to steal the things that were valueable, he brags about having sticky fingers to everyone that he can go into stores and pocket something without being caught, they use meth on a daily basis, He has a child on the way but sadly he aint there for his ex girlfriend or his unborn child, hasnt grown up i guess he thinks its okay to still be a lil boy, this is the deffintion of dirty if you ever need any dope you should know he,s the best one to get it from  he will sweet talk all the girls he trys to get with so ladies beware of this drd and dope junkie and his side kick thot

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Crissilla Mckinlay

December 17, 2014 Windsor 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This is Crissilla Mckinlay, also known a Chris or Chrissy. She is a horrible person! she’s dated older men for there money and sex for over 5 years at a time. All just to cheat on them the whole time and leave them for another man, destroying the new mans family and forcing the men to cut off all ties with there family and children. This woman has also abandoned her daughter at the age of 13, putting her on the streets homeless in the middle of winter! all because she got a new boyfriend in a different city. She’s abused her daughter and brainwashed her daughter into not seeking help for her mothers abuse. beating and sexually assaulting her daughter to the point where her daughter thought that was a normal life. Crissilla has lied to doctors and mental institutions to have her daughter drugged out on un-necessary medication and forced to live in mental institutions since the age of 6. She’s even had sex in front of her daughter during the day while she was playing in the living room. The things this woman has done to her innocent child and men who have loved her with all there heart are disgusting. This woman needs some professional help asap!

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Diseased and Delusional

December 17, 2014 Windsor 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: At his sure peak, Josh Evans is still a senior in high school, but the maniacal bastard has had drd since 2011. He spread it to his first girlfriend (Who Shall Remain Nameless), then once confronted about it, denied it, ignored it and went four more years to have unprotected sex with boys and girls. Slowly slipping through the cracks with his diseases he stroke again with a close friend of mine on prom night. She confronted him, in concern, and he denied, verbally abused her and continues to prey on the young and the weak minded who CHOOSE to not believe he’s disgusting, physically and mentally. In a nut shell, he’s your average f*g to hag with an infection he fails to admit is sexual. A selfish, delusional bisexual prick. Stay away kids.

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Chathams Clap Machine

December 17, 2014 Windsor 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. meet Amanda Armstrong.. This is chathams nastiest whore out there, she will take any dick that comes her way, this nasty, little doom poon has given guys genital w**ts. She even lied about her age to try and keep a guy. She spreads lice and crabs to everyone, shes a walking clap machine also, she has three somes knowing she has diseases. This little nasty whore will try and have a kid with everyone too. dudes beware.. this walking disease will ruin your life.

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Can’t Get Nastier

December 16, 2014 Windsor 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik dis is da nastiest baby mama drama out there she be puttin her ex up on ur site an sayin she “beautiful” lmfao wat a joke bro. she been sleepin all around, men an women so lock em all up. she is da saddest excuse of a mother she don’t even deserve dat title sleepin wit her step daddy an shit sure hes dem babies daddy. her own mother allowes it prob gets in on the action to since her daughter is a well known dirty carpet muncher lmfao she has also been known to abuse her babies and wit one on da way she be needin dem all taken away. Nic please post dis dirty ass slut as she needs to be blasted! heres some great pics

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Can you Guess Who

December 15, 2014 Windsor 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here nik is Kathleen Chalcraft she’s a pill popper and druggie she has 3 kids by 3 different baby daddies and pins them all on Dustin houweling she doesn’t deserve to have her kids she’s a useless c*nt that cries wolf all the time about what happened between her and Dustin boo whooo if u learned to keep a man then maybe this wouldn’t happen go get more drds u useless how go fck ur daddy again and have more babies by him TRAMP!!!!

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