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Fake Thugs

November 20, 2014 Windsor 152

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lost confused kid Julian browning is the biggest faker I have ever met. I think he’s like Puerto Rica you are sumtin but thinks he is black. He says he’s a bully but I have been on a range in jail with hin and he is the quietest guy ever and keeps to himself and stays in his cell all day usually and walks around depressed with his head down.

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King Kong Garbutt

November 19, 2014 Windsor 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Fck it lets just bring them all back! Josslyn garbutt lol is a tw*t nasty. Always hungry for the dick she should be known as the whore that keeps on giving. She has three kids but chooses not to spend any of her hard earned dick money on them. She works at studio 4 and tries to say she ate a tuna sandwich before work, so please excuse the smell. Actually I think the stench was permeating from between her nasty thighs. She chills with other nasties like herself and is always taking bathroom selfies cuz the men she fcks don’t want to clean up the mess after their done with her so the make her stay in the bathroom. You look like a motherfucking alien with a mole. Josslyn take care of them babies your on welfare all of us already pay for ur kids then your out hitting men up again. We already help you quit suckin dick for dollars, sit at home and clean ur house and take care of your three beautiful kids! These sloots all are dirty dirt dirts Nikki peaze, Lauren Brennan, Tanya Amond, they are all the bicycles of ford/Reginald.

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No Hope Thomsen

November 18, 2014 Windsor 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet no hope Thomsen.This gremlin looking thing runs her mouth all around the city thinking she’s hardcore until she’s standing face to face with the person then can no longer dish it out unless she has the ghetto drd squad with her. Her house is beyond disgusting, her floors are black and covered in garbage, with alcohol bottles and weed lying all around and she has young kids there and they grab this stuff bc she’s not there watching them and is too busy getting dicked in another room. Her nose look like someone palm striked it upwards into her brain maybe that’s why this bitch is so fucking stupid. Living off the welly system and spending all her baby bonus on shit for herself instead of her kids they need to be taken asap and if we can get enough ppl to call in it will happen. Also my boy said he tried to fck her and he said when she took her pants off her underwear were crusty on both sides she said that’s how she saves having to do laundry by flippin them inside out. Yack!!!!?

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Reginald Sloot

November 18, 2014 Windsor 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s bring her back since she just can’t stop! Tanya Amond is a pathetic thirsty whore. She is back with the class act Brandon Nunn, yup ladies that’s right the nasty diddler of windsor. Brandon Nunn just robbed this cock goblin in April of this year stealing her money and tv. She let him walk and didn’t do shit except come on here to post his loser ass and flap her meat hangers about how he screwed her over a mother of two kids. Question: if your a mother of two why you letting strange men in your house and in your bed, do you not wait to have men meet ur kids and know where u live considering u have CHILDREN! Nope he says I love u to her after one week and then her doors and thighs are wide open, letting him CUM and go as pleases. After he screwed her over she got balls of steel and came on here to post him! Like her classy self. Months go by and this slut let’s dudes in and out with no regard to just take this class act loser back, yup YOUR right BRANDON NUNN. You got brains bitch he just robbed u set your slut ass up, now because he says sorry gives back SOME money now its all good. Tanya your a SSLUUTT, get your mind right he’s using u cuz he got caught cheating on his girl of two years, he’s in the dog house he needs a place to stay you don’t matter Kyle…..hahahahah? For all you he hid her name in his phone under Kyle but she thought she wasn’t a side bitch, cuz who do’t want this big fat sluts number? You ain’t that special whore!

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Just Dirt

November 17, 2014 Windsor 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: This right here piece of dirt should have been posted a long time ago. With all of her other Ford/Reginald slutgals. All of them: Josslyn King, Nikki Peaze, Tanya Amond. They are the lowest of the low here in this wonderful city we call home. But this pig should have been here a long time ago. She’s had genital w**ts for as long as she’s been alive. She sleeps with anything, and I mean everything that shows her a little bit of attention. When she’s not ignoring her children to shove shit up her nose, she’s drinking herself stupid. All while her house is covered in shit, it sure does smell like shit. This bitch must never clean her house. She’s gross but thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. Hell no. She even managed to get knocked up by a baby raper. This bitch is the worst of them all. Pretending to be a mom, only to be an undercover drugger. Whore.

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What a Joke

November 14, 2014 Windsor 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik just look at this goofy face loser! This loser does absolutely nothing but smoke pot and cheat on his girlfriend, WHO JUST HAD HIS KID. He moved back to windsor from out west a while ago and we started hooking up, only for me to find out that he has a girlfriend and she just had his baby! I want this dbag put on blast for being the cheating jerk he really is!

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Walking Waste

November 13, 2014 Windsor 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, I’m seriously surprised Melissa Bester wasn’t put on here a lot sooner. She’s the worst excuse for a mother, saddest excuse for a woman. She is like gonorrhea to the planet. She’s a disease that needs to be remedied! She barely raised her son and left him time and time again. The boy is now a thieving junky with no hope for a better future. She always picked men and dope over her own son. She’s selfish and hungry for any cock. She’s been known to whore her ass for dope. She’s well known for setting ppl up anf benefitting from it. A pathological liar. Backstabbing trash bucket. It’s funny she actually thinks she looks good in her new meth warped body. Bitch you’ve aged 12 years in 8 months siiiick! Lol you’ve done this to yourself dirty dumb slut. You’re the equivalent to a blue waffle vagina. Worthless, smelly and completely fcked up looking! A mother is suppose to put her family first in your case it was all your nasty needs and wants and now you have to go beg your dealers not to sell to your son. Nasty nasty. That’s on you bitch. You’re a boil on Chatham’s asshhole! Nice fcking job!!!

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Baby Ditcher

November 12, 2014 Windsor 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is brandi wheeler leaving her daughter 6 months old alone all hours of the night with random people posting under wear and bra pics and just being a plain old whore sleeping around with every guy she meets

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