Cory Vincent

April 23, 2014 Winnipeg 3 7,872 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is cory Vincent , he is Winnipeg dirtiest of dirties , he is 44 years old bald … Will brag about how much money he makes on the mines but is always broke why you ask , because he is a junkie likes to smoke crack and pop perks , he sits on the nod from his perks all day and picks his face which is why is skin is all scanned up ! Be careful girls he’s on the prowl as we speak and is a clinger ! He has severe mental health issues and will try to pass them onto u with his psychological bullshit , he had slept with his sister in law on several occasions without his babies mama knowing and all of his girlfriend’s end up wanting to commit after being with him , yes he’s that bad ! He lives in a shack in elmwood which is furnished by his ex that lives there half the time and on welfare which he had to beg to leave her stuff or he would have had nothing ! Let’s not forget buddy as four different children with four different women , two of which are the exact same age …. Ya figure that one out ! So look out ladies if u see him run or you’ll be his next victim , o ya lets not forget he spends all his Monet on crack and then tries to blame whoever he’s dating at the time that she was an alcoholic gambler who spent it all or just money hungry , yep real winner HERE ! When in reality he junks it all. Away with escorts ! O and word is he has drd so be careful !

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Buttons Don’t Learn

April 22, 2014 Winnipeg 45 6,105 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look at this Bitch ass hoe is at it yet again .. Susie Button. She is the most slimiest slut going in Winnipeg and yet she has enough fucking nerve to post on her own wall on Fb about some OTHER girl being a dirty drug infested hooker.. The very same thing Susie herself is known for lol the only difference between them is Susie has no kids.. Miracle in itself I’d say! Susie is a stupid whore that thinks she’s got her shit in control hahaha she likes to act like she’s so god damn tough all the time..  A million pics of herself but u might notice.. Not ONE pic is she actually smiling showing her nasty ass teeth. It’s pretty fuking pathetic that she posts about other people when she does the same thing that she’s beaking off about. Time to grow up u dumb bitch.. Winnipeg can’t WAIT for your diseased ass to move from Winnipeg. You say it’s a hole here? It’s fck ups like yourself that make it that way. Heres an idea.. When u do move from here .. Go round up all ur slutty whore sniffer friends and take them with you! Clean up this City.

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Micheal “Michelle” Spence

April 22, 2014 Winnipeg 44 8,132 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I wuz in da youth center with dis flaming fag before he turned 18, alwayz tryna watch guyz in the shower while jerking himself off in the toilet stall. Sick and twisted skin-beef pretends to date gurlz, but spendz all his time tryna get underage guyz drunk so he had touch dinks when they pass out and give each other hickies. Ever sick! Fuckin goof needz to get hiz ass beat instead of fcked by old men. Cant wait til he getz picked up on his car theft warrants and gets taken to real jail. This fg is a class A sex offender, he already been caught twice molesting his cousins but his uncle never pressed charges cause he made Mike suck his cock. The whole Spence family is a bunch of child rapists. Useless piece of drunken drug addict trash Goof! He also a rat, ask him why Carlo is locked up and he aint, when it was Mikes drugs Carlo got popped for.

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Chantel Whiteman

April 21, 2014 Winnipeg 61 6,037 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chantel cheated on her husband with a number of people, and even got pregnant and had an abortion! She is a closet alcoholic and loves to be the Center of attention! She’ll go home with anyone who buys her drinks and pays attention to her! But watch out for this dirty bitch, she likes to use people to buy her things and pay her bills, and moves on to the next guy. She is not clean, and has terrible personal hygiene too! She has 4 kids, from 2 different dads, and leaves them with anyone who will take them so she can go out drinking!

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Troy Goldstone

April 21, 2014 Winnipeg 11 8,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Troy Goldstone He lives his life in complete denial of ever doing wrong.His lies become his reality.His extensive drinking and driving one day will ki*l someone.He picks up male hookers or guys from club 200 drugs them then takes advantage of them.To the point they wake up not knowing where they are or what happened.That said he never uses protection and never gets tested for drds.He thinks he has everyone fooled but truth is anyone who really knows him knows better.If you ever meet or run into him turn the other way he is a dangerous predator.

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Homeless Bum; Jordan Michaud

April 21, 2014 Winnipeg 41 8,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jordan Michaud is a low life bum who uses people all the time jacking people n running back n fourth girl to girl who cant even take of him self or get a job even with his dumb ass baby momma who is still with him i feel bad for her to b having his kid thats sad he wont be able to take care of his kid or her hes a low life who still depends on his family n friends who is drunk day in n day out n a woman beater n a dunkie soon to a dead beat dad she will know sooner or later how u really r thats sad how u live ur life u ahve no home nothing no job on the run n just use people n talk shit ur not even a good person just a drunk n a druggy who is a joke of a person no wonder why ur lost n never happy poor girl for esther to be having ur kid shes to pretty for u n she has to put up with ur dumb ass lmao sooner or later noone will b there for u or ur family low life michauds

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Street Kid Steven Douglas

April 21, 2014 Winnipeg 23 8,953 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this white trash goof is nothing but a criminal, dead beat dad and women beater, His name is steven douglas but goes by the name steven dreher. Left to BC after getting evident out of his place cause he spent all his money on m*th and weed. Tells everyone that hes clean now but clearly still smoking and shooting that dirty sh*t up. Also has warrants out for his arrest. Both him and his fire cotch gf hop trains do drugs and beat each other up. The hobo life and they brag about how they love this life style. This piece of old crusty crap is a deadbeat of a father leaving the mother to raise the child her own cause he cant get his shit together.He back in winnipeg now mooching whatever he can from weed to food from whoever will believe his poor excuse of a story. He loves to talk shit about his so called friends behind there backs then acts like best buds to their face. Hes a racist and thinks just cause hes white that hes better, your one of the reason why this society is so fu©k up. Go back to whatever mold infected tent you were sleeping in back in Bc.

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Courtney Meeches

April 21, 2014 Winnipeg 47 6,206 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to begin with this one. She’s one of the biggest West End crack whores in Winnipeg. She’s probably slept with 1000+ guys. I was going to say that her current bf is old enough to be her dad, but he’s actually older than that (she’s 28 and he’s in his 50′s). He’s a trucker and has to drag her ass everywhere he goes because she can’t be trusted to be left alone for a few days. She went to jail last summer for beating the shit out of him when she was high/drunk and he still took her back. She has a daughter and doesn’t even know who the girls’ dad is (it could be between at least 5 different guys). The guy who she thinks is the father takes care of the girl and Courtney only sees her like once a month. She has been sent to treatment for her drug problem and always sleeps with the other residents and staff. She was sued by MPIC (the government operated insurance company) for damages when she stole a car and smashed it into a building while drunk and high. She’s been in jail about a half dozen times and still can’t get her shit together.

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