Josie Doyle

October 1, 2014 Winnipeg 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Josie doyle really HAS done it all. From getting gang banged by 40 year olds, to sucking dick for some coke. This girl disgusts me and many other people. She’s 20 years old with no job, no education and no life ahead of her. All she thinks about is running off to sleep with guys and to find out which one will reward her with drugs. She’s a greedy person who will use someone just to get what she wants. 5/10 people she knows can confirm that she’s stolen at least 1 thing from than.. not to mention she gets all her clothes and make up stealing from superstore, shoppers, ect. If guys don’t want to sleep with her, she’ll go ahead and make it happen anyways.. Drug them, and than take advantage. Disgusting?I thought so too. She looks like a razor tooth shark gone wrong.. Why don’t you close your legs, go back to school, get a job, and use that money to fix your disgusting face? since you cant change your personality, might as well change your looks

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Danielle Champagne

October 1, 2014 Winnipeg 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, well meet this deadbeat Danielle D. Champagne. Her facebook name is Dee Cee. She’s calls herself queen soulja. She says she gets paper & got this hundreds of babydaddy’s. She’s pregnant with her 3rd child, 3 different bbdaddy she loves that hoodrat life & she’s an escort around fort rounge. She lives on kylemore with her parents still. loves that attention she gets from boys she’s a fat ugly with an limp in her leg.

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The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Lindsey

October 1, 2014 The Dirty, Winnipeg 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lindsey a dumb girl who thinks the world revolves around her. She works at Hooters as her career and spends the rest of her time sleeping with guys from the bar and getting wasted. Lindsey stop thinking the world revolves around you, all you are is a rude whore with a butter ace and you need your cake face to look half ok, she didn’t even graduate that’s why she will never accomplish more than workin at a restaurant for the rest of her pathetic whore life. BTW your fake tits look awful and un-even the right is higher than the left.

I thought Hooters went out of business.- nik

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Saffira Andrews

September 30, 2014 Winnipeg 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is Saffirah Andrews, she goes by Fiirah Andrews on facebook, this dumb hoe think shes all good and better than other girls meanwhile shes no better, acting like she aint no hoe.. we all know you’re an escort, selling your slice so no need to try act better hunnny. how about going to your programs and getting your kids back from cfs, oh no wait she put them up for adoption, because apparently she cant handle 3 kids well news flash keeps your fucking legs closed, even her twin Saffina Andrews, saying she cant take care of her son so she hands him off to her baby dadddy like a peice of candy, these dumb hoes shouldnt be allowed to re produce, saffina got an abortion because said shes good with one kid, pfffft baby killing whore. these bitches do NOT deserve there kids, especially with all the drinking and smoking they do. and fiira sellling herself, her kids dont deserve to know her! fcking pushed in face fas twins…

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Jason Shannon

September 30, 2014 Winnipeg 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dog names Jason Shannon sent me relentless emails about meeting up with him to have sex. He sent me about 25 naked pictures, and sorry Justin but they were nothing to brag about. He posted a picture on the 18th about how much he is in love with his girl friend and I feel sorry for her cause it was less than a week later he was trying to “secretly” meet up with me … CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER JASON

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Guess who’s on her Fifth Baby Daddy

September 30, 2014 Winnipeg 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this junkie and all around loser is on her fifth child that will be taken away at birth. All of her kids are from different fathers and her soo called husband isn’t even the father to any of these children. She is a papered rat who will lie to get her way out of trouble. She has put several of her contacts in jail because they refused to sell her crck or mth. She is known to sell her self for her next fix. She harasses Her youngest sons dad for money when he refuses to give her she runs around telling lies about him. Even though he wants nothing to do with this slutty loser junkie.

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Melissa J A Grantham

September 30, 2014 Winnipeg 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick has so much disrespect for others and she always crying out for attention and she has been saying this. : Girls be complaining about how guys don’t respect them, well maybe if you stop posting pitchers of yourself naked/mostly naked on social networks then maybe a guy will come along and treat you the way to want and deserve to be treated. But if you posting naked pitchers you ain’t going to get much respect, cause they are just going to think your easy. Put some clothes on and have some damn respect for yourself, you can’t get respect if you don’t respect yourself. ‘m sorry to say but I only hear sluts, hoes and cheaters/players say ” I love you, your my one and only, my ride or die. ‘ll be by your side through it all. It’s you and me agains the world, I’m just glad your my man/baby. ” to every gut they dated, slept with or tried getting with. Not trying to sound like a bitch but yeah. And I know your going to see this I know you be creepin’ on my wall with her, lmfao ! Sick of seeing my bros get hurt cause of chicks like this ! And yes I’m talking about more then one chick here. But I know that one guy is still be creepin’ on me with his ” chick ” lmao !! Have fun creepin’ !!. she is having a kid but the baby dad left because she want crazy on him and was doing drugs . this chick needs to learn some respect. and here is her Facebook name. Melissa J A Grantham

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Tanvir Dhillon

September 30, 2014 Winnipeg 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is the biggest slut ever. all she dose is create drama with people she doesn’t even know. Her moms a whore who’s on the streets and her dads a drug dealer… She thinks she’s the shit, and she’s so beat af.. she a 4 ft tall troll looking shit face. and her sister Sharan Dhillon, needs to realize that no one is trying to steal her boyfriend… and that he ugly and beat as fck and (ps he cheats on you 24/7)… honestly at the end of the day you need to reevaluate your life. hahahahahaha fcking hoochie

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