Melanie Koncur

October 31, 2014 Winnipeg 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, this chick is a total scrag. She’s 43 years old and still lives in her mom’s basement with her 2 kids. She had her kids taken away from her because she was dating a manitoba warrior and was an unfit mother and there were allegations of abuse. Finally after 2 years she got them back and has to live with her mother as part of getting her kids back from CFS and can’t leave the city. She always talks sh*t on facebook and loses all of her real friends by telling anyone who’ll listen all of her real friends secrets. She’s also obsessed with this Ron guy and wrongly accuses him of stalking her. This b*tch needs a form 4 and to be locked up in a mental institution. She posts all the details of her unfit life on her facebook account. Plus she uses tax payers money for things like sh*tty tattoo’s, booze, and to go to lame concerts. Put this ratchet stinkbox ho on blast, Winnipeg you’ve been warned.

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Jessie Boubard

October 30, 2014 Winnipeg 18



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ugly whore here is jessie boubard fcks anyone and everyone shes with different guys every chance she gets.. Always crying to these guys how her baby daddy beats her and broke her nose so they feel sorry for her and will sleep with her… She buys guys by getting them drunk buying them drugs pills etc… She will even fck yur man knowing hes in a relationship she thinks shes so gangster yet shes just a washed up hoe that everyones had already and shes a crew jumper probably has some kind os drd beware of this hoe any cock will do

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Pepsi Sum E

October 30, 2014 Winnipeg 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: yea this girl is put on finger blast harrrrd,this one stays at home now watching stupid tv shows,weighs 240 pounds now,ghess thats karma when you treat people like crap and nobody wants to hang with out with anymore.Just finished getting outta rehab,used to be hot,now its just disgusting,now will this dummy catch the drift,or catch herpes one more time lol.These two both sleep around with the same guys,no wonder why the guys call them crew love or the herpz sisters,but they still dont care as long as there is no breakouts,funny thing is they still hang out with each other,keep drinking,see where that takes you ash smash,welp and gulp,gulp,gulp fat fat fat,eat that potatoe chip .gang bangs anyone?

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Salina Driskell

October 30, 2014 Winnipeg 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik we all know Salina or mz Bella. We’ll two years ago her oldest daughter had a son with her husband we’ll for some fucked up reason Riley decided that she wanted her mother in her sons life so when her son was born she was there for the fist little bit, said she changed her life around. Here’s why, Riley’s son was born with a heart defect so Salina used him to raise 10 000$ and used it all towards drugs!!!! Then when she was no longer aloud to be around the baby she told everyone that her daughter was on drugs and leaving the baby at the brier in the car and that Riley had even killed her own son and that’s why Salina has a cross tattoo with his name In it.!!! All the horrible things this women has done, sleeping with her daughters boyfriend, telling her kids they can’t come home if they didn’t sell drugs, trying to get them addicted to drugs and now using a poor incident baby for drug money!!!!!! This horrible “human being ” better be killed in the most painful way and then rot in hell for the horrible things she’s done!!!! She pretended to be a “momma bear” when she can’t even take care of her own kids or even see her own grandson for something other then a money grab .!!

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Thunder Bay’s Finest – Jean Hockridge

October 30, 2014 Toronto, Winnipeg 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I’ve got a good one for you. Her name is Jean Hockridge. Nothing good about this one (truly nothing) she is barely out of high-school, 17 years old, has been fcked more times than years she has been alive. Only thing she was considered good for was an easy cheap fuck, but turns out she’s not good at that either! Typically I would say practice makes perfect, but if you havent got the hang of it now, you should probably give up before you spread the chlamydia around even more. A shitty fck nonetheless, a cheap dirty whore with a fat gut, a loose cunt and a shit stain underneath her eye. Can’t get any better with this one. Hey tbay, go say hi to her for me, she works at the starbucks in safeways on Court St. It’s a good thing she’s familiar with the area, she’ll be selling more than just coffee to support the rest of her (hopefully short) meaningless life. Nothing worse than a fat chick with a low self-esteem that can’t suck dick to save her life. Damn Thunder Bay has some greasy whores

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Delusional Twit

October 30, 2014 Ottawa, Winnipeg 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: I had a heated discussion on FB with this woman I stated the Ottawa shooter is a terrorist regardless if he was affiliated or directed by any group anyone who cowardously shoots a unarmed soldier standing honour guard is a terrorist. She replys with the comment seen listed off screen shot the shooter killed a terrorist and he was a hero she needs her head examined

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Rodeo Clown

October 29, 2014 Winnipeg 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Casey. He’s a cowboy wanna be spouting off Jesus and the bible like he’s trying to convince himself he’s not a loser. He and his wife are both on drugs stealing from people and destroying lives. His own father wants nothing to do with him. He milks his.mother for all her money while his wife sits on her fat ass. His ‘patna’ ImOut South is always posting pics of them smoking weed and drinking ‘lean’. He’s country until he’s hanging out with his ‘niggaz’ CASEY THINKS HES A RODEO STAR BUT REALLY HES A RODEO CLOWN. God save us from clowns like this. He needs to go on somewhere.

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Just Like Gemme

October 29, 2014 Winnipeg 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is shauna mccarthy, gross skank that tells everyone bob seger played at he dad funeral, truth is, he didn’t, in fact she went to he dads funeral but they wouldn’t allow her at his wake because she is so fuked lol. She tellez everyone that she is calling in a favour to the club hahaha but has had family members confronted saying that she needs to watch her mouth because she has no friends in the club and NEVER has!!! She came to me one day and begged me to give her a chance saying that all she ever wanted was to be an old lady and that she was just like Gemma!!!! Gross she tells her 13 yr old son to break the law so they can share the crime stoppers money and tells her 11 yr old daughter that the best money to ever be made is from putting out , come in CFS do your fuking job!!!!

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