Chantelle Goulet

August 28, 2014 Winnipeg 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where the fck do I begin. Use to have this chick on my facebook but removed her cause all this bitch does is BITCH about anything and everyone in her statuses! It’s disgusting! We live in a world where judgement is at a high and this bitch takes it to the next level! Like c’mon!! Take a fking look in the mirror for once! You are no where near the ripest apple on the tree lady.. You are a lonely fat baby making machine!! Doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on, you\’re still ugly! Get off your high horse and come back to reality! Bitching about other peoples lives on the daily just makes you look like an angry old bitch! Try working on some ‘self happiness’ …and please stop taking provocative photos with your child sitting on your lap you sick bitch!

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Leave Him and your life may End

August 28, 2014 Winnipeg 29



THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik Meet Jesse Deane. Woman beater. User. Theif. He likes to manipulate people into helping him out. He pinches off you when you get him to pick up. More recently is what happened to the girl he dared mote recently. They datrd from February of last year till November when he went to rehab and started cheating on her. She waited for 5 months and he wrote her then stopped. Then come April of this year she runs into him on the corner pan handling and he had been homeless since March. She took him back after he lied to her again, she let him into her apartment, she works, has her own place, attends school, well he was taking off all hours of the day getting methed out and stealing off others and not helping with food or rent. She got sick of this, and told him to gget out she was done, he then got on top of her, strangling her screaming “I’m just going to kill yiu” thankfully a woman walking by heard and seen him through the window and called. But police got tthere and he was about to leave while she was still unconcious upstairs, he lied and said she hit him (he had a scratch on his eye) which was from her trying to get him off her. So they arrested her and him because there was a no contact order on him not to be around her. She never bothered telling them what he did only got to her lawyer and told him. He got 3 days and she spent 3 months for something she didn’t do. Going through this guys facebook, he has many enemies and this is not the first girlfriend he abused. There is a woman named Lindsey as well. Whom he even admitted to punching out! Anyways he owes many people, even once robbed a 7 month pregnant girl. He likes to steal anything he can gget his hands on, weed, dope, pipes, bongs, smokes, phones, anything. Not the worst of this, when he got out for the breach he went to her apartment, broke in and stole her tattoo kit, video games and paraphinalia. Luckily he didnt get her guitars and Xbox, all cause she pawned it the nigjt before she was dumping him while he was out on a meth binge. So watch yourself, he even once said “I stick around as long as they have a use for me, once they don’t i take what they got and split and they won’t see me again. Just know Albert Jesse deane, your nothinh but a liar and a theif. He just turned 18, so if he says he’s older, it’s another lie. He’s a little boy! And now he’s POSTED.

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Fat Raquel Rachel

August 28, 2014 Winnipeg 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Raquel. Probably this biggest ratchet whores I know. She’s got 3 baby daddies and the 2nd baby daddy thinks the smallest one is his when really it’s my homies. But yet nobody wants to take a paternity test. She sells her fat body for perks and Xanax and booze. Her baby daddy is so stupid he thinks that she’s I love with him when really sh’s busy loving someone’s else’s dick in her ass. She posts only FACE shots on her Facebook because she’s embarrassed to show her fat ass. And I’ve seen her she’s gained a lot of weight. Tell me something how do u gain weight when ur on drugs holy shit. Keep your legs closes because no one wants that raggedy meat curtain u got in ur crusty underwear. Look at her pic she’s trying to hold in all her fat so hard u can tell she ain’t breathing just to look thinner. Sorry honey didn’t work. Your fat. Be proud of being a fatty.

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Trashcona Sloot

August 27, 2014 Winnipeg 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kendra Karleen from Trashcona. I have to say she is the biggest sloot in Winnipeg. Kendra why don’t you grow up and stop with the pity party. This girl lies through her teeth cheats on every boy friend she has been with and still lives with her parents. She is a crack addict and has major metal health issues. She cannot be trusted. This girl party\’s all the time and then goes home and tells her parents she was out for supper when really she had her mouth on some di*k and the pipe. She wants to get pregnant so bad that I saw a ad on Craigslist asking someone to be her sperm donor! Really Kendra your pretty stupid if you think you can raise a child. I want to expose you Kendra for who you really are. Men beware of this girl and Ladies keep you men locked up because she will weasel her way in to sleeping with your man. Nuff Said

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Turnt Up For What

August 27, 2014 Winnipeg 203


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I think the world needs to know who the panti-less clubrat is.

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Horny, Sex Craving Asswipe

August 27, 2014 Winnipeg 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guys is a horny sex craving blow addict. He will use u for sex, money and try to take advantage of u at any point he wants. This asswipe will try turning into his own bitch, things have to be done when he wants and how he wants it, if not then he will force having sex. He has a lot of anger issues, along with a very bad mulitple split personality disorder that will become very violent.

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Black Crayon Jackie

August 27, 2014 Winnipeg 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jackie likes to suck the black crayon. She thinks she’s all that yet she’s nothing but an ugly used up indian and she thinks she\’s not even indian. Trying to act up. Her old man doesn’t even know of all the things she did. She’s just a fck face.

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Winnipeg Scum Bag

August 27, 2014 Winnipeg 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Stephen Chrusch. A fcking nutcase woman beater because Hes a alcoholic rig pig. He threatened to kill my girlfriend as well. He needs to be put on blast as he should stay away from all women for our personal safety and sexual health. Got drdS in Jail.

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