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EDC Is The Root Of All Evil

December 18, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 150


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how sad is this? I ripped it off the EDC Las Vegas page before Stephanie Cortez deleted. She couldn’t handle the comments.

I say keep the baby and go to EDC anyway. Just don’t drink or do drugs…maybe listen to the music sober and see if you like it.- nik

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Lilly Ghalichi Is Back On The Market

December 18, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 0

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 9.31.11 AM

I did call this one — Click Here to read Lilly Ghalichi’s statement — the engagement is OFF!- nik

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Vegas Dave And GoDaddy Are BANNED From Hyde Bellagio

December 18, 2014 GoDaddy, Las Vegas, The Dirty 275



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Danica [aka GoDaddy] and Vegas Dave both have been BANNED from Bellagio for passing a small baggy with white powdery substance. They were caught at Hyde Bellagio and have been 86′d. This is a LIFETIME ban.

I wonder what was in the baggy?- nik


What Happened To GoDaddy And Midget Dave

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Johanna Herrstedt Needs Some Help

December 18, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Johanna Herrstedt. She is very ill looking. On tumblr, people know her as “multicolors”. Over the past year, many people have grown concerned over her weight. She looks like Isabelle Caro the anorexic Italian model who died. Can you talk sense into this wanna be model blogger? You can’t tell who is who! Honestly.

Johanna Herrstedt you really need to eat or just get breast implants to even you out.- nik

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Elke The Whale Is Nothing Special

December 18, 2014 Hollywood, House Of Crayons, The Dirty 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick of seeing “Elkethestallion” gaining fame from her cellulite covered ass. The pictures of her ass, that are not touched up, prove my statement. Elkethestallion should be renamed Elke The Whale. No one besides naive black men like this beast. She is nothing but a ghetto BBW. If that ass is fake she better get it redone cause it looks very disproportional. And look at her face LOL what do people see in her besides that cottage cheese filled butt of hers? That face is pretty basic if you ask me, even makeup couldn’t help those looks. Nik, what would you rate this whale out of 10? I hope Elke reads this and realizes she needs to lose a solid 160 pounds.

She already has a name — we call her ‘House of Crayons’.- nik

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Dr. Andre T. Le Is A Scumbag

December 18, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business, The Dirty 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware people of Dallas and Louisiana, this family eye Doctor may look like he has it all but really he’s a piece of sh*t Doctor who claims to be in love with his fiancé Lily Calley Case. He cheats on her all the time and still does. The stupid part is she was dumb enough to take him back after he cheated on her. Congratulations on marrying a cheater and hoping he changes. When he was with me, he didn’t even want to have anything to do with their son. I guess she’s with him for the money. Who else would be desperate enough to accept a marriage proposal from a Doctor who cheats on you repeatedly denied your baby for a whole year. Father of the year but I guess if you have money you can be an piece of sh*t and girls will still love you as long as you throw some money at them.

You can tell that is the Doctor’s child by their hands.- nik

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Karma Is A Bitch

December 18, 2014 Kelowna, The Dirty 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, most of Kelowna knows her, some of you have seen her on here multiple times already, and to those of you who don’t know her… you do NOT want this POS in your life. Dawn is THE biggest waste of skin created on this planet. Get on her bad side, she will ruthlessly f*ck your life up.

What is she smoking?- nik


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Men Shouldn’t Get Any Work Done

December 18, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is the biggest Douchebag and loser. Always photoshops his pictures, now done several surgeries like 3 nose jobs and ears pushed in. What kinda “real man” does so much surgery? Is he in the closet?

Are you sure he got his nose done?- nik

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